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A new tool ingame for ShootMania: 3D models!

Greetings all!

With the release of ShootMania Storm in just a couple of weeks time (April 10), Nadeo has announced exciting new tools that will open the game even more, enhancing its creative possibilities. The first of these features will allow players to import skins including 3D characters, animations and sounds into ShootMania Storm. To show players what is possible, Nadeo have partnered with Ubisoft’s Shanghai Studio to create the special Susu skin that is now available for players. Players can download the skin for free, directly within the game. Please find an image of the skin here:

Susu 3D Model

“This is just be the tip of the iceberg, we have a lot of great features planned for the weeks after the release of the game. We will open the game and our creative tools further to the community,”  says Florent Castelnerac, Managing Director at Nadeo.

Nadeo is also very happy to announce that they are working on the Steam Workshop integration for ShootMania Storm, TrackMania² Canyon and TrackMania² Stadium. Players will therefore soon be able to share their creations via the Steam Workshop, just like they already do in game and through community sites.

The open beta versions of ShootMania Storm and TrackMania² Stadium are still available for free at or on Steam at Sharing content is only available for players who purchased the game and won’t be possible for those who currently test the game for free in the Open Beta. The 3D model will download but will not be available in your profile.

Check your notifications ingame, or type “maniaplanet-store” in the maniaplanet browser. After dowloading the new model example, you have to restart the game to see it in your profile.

A new driver appears on TrackMania² Canyon

You heard a freaking yell far away while running a race against a challenger when you saw something coming to you right behind… it’s not a car, it’s not a plane, it has two long ears apparently… oh my… it’s a rabbit on a cart!

BWAAAH yes, the Raving Rabbids are coming to TrackMania² Canyon for your biggest fun. For this special occasion check the video introducing this awesome car:

Want to drive it? Download it for free from our brand new ingame store via the ManiaLink “ManiaPlanet-Store” or directly with this link.

After downloading it, go on your profile,  select “Vehicules” option and activate this new car (please make sure you have your validation code with you. If you have forgotten your validation key, please check out this link to generate a new one).

Talk about it on the forum.

We hope you enjoy racing with the Rabbids, have fun!


Visit our ManiaPlanet Store ingame!

Hello fellow ManiaPlanet users,

We are excited to present our new ingame store called “ManiaPlanet Store“. You’ll find in this store contents created by us: cars, skins (like the German and French ones), possibly horns, tracks and other stuff for ManiaPlanet titles. To celebrate this opening, we deliver you a crazy gift along the German and French cars.

Please visit the ManiaLink “maniaplanet-store” to enjoy this new addition to ManiaPlanet ecosystem and don’t worry, more contents will come all the year (and a new one arrive very soon).

Talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!

Cocorico ! Cock-a-doodle-do

As promised last month, it’s now time for the French to get their own signature car. Thank you for being the second biggest community on TrackMania² Canyon!

You’ll find on the manialink “february-car” this awesome car gifted with a stickers pack composed of two French flags, a cockerel, a French cockade, a street plate to customize, a red space invader  and few typical french decoration items. You’ll also find the february calendar  featuring the French car.

But remember that for the next month, we are not absolutely sure who will win the pack between English and Americans players! So let the race continue and may the best racers win!

Don’t hesitate to talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!

We support Lans and events

More than giving you tools to promote your events, we wish to remind you that we support LANs and event on another way. If you’re a TrackMania fan and wish to promote TrackMania Forever and/or ManiaPlanet titles (like TrackMania² Canyon) to a LAN where you go or that you’re an organizer yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll give you the possibility to get our “Lan Pack” which include the following items (depending of the size of the event and the stock remaining):

  • ManiaPlanet badges
  • ManiaPlanet tshirts
  • TrackMania² Canyon Poster
  • Ubisoft PC Games
  • TrackMania² Canyon temporary keys to help you to organize events on TrackMania² Canyon

Lan Pack

So if you’re interessed, contact to ask for a pack but make your request at least one month in advance!

Talk about it on the forum, see you later!


Create events in ManiaPlanet

We know that you’re a very active community which make an incredible amount of things each day, from creating contents to organizing competitions. Here is a little tip about a new functionality.

You may sometimes see a notification about an event which will occur or an invitation to an upcoming event so you’ll may be interested to participate but you’ll certainly ask yourself where those notifications come from. They come from your buddies, your groups, or from Nadeo. It’s a new functionality on ManiaHome called “Calendar”.

Calendar is a tool allowing people to announce events to/from members of their group. For example you can receive calendar events to remind you of a competition, meeting with your group on servers, or a real-life encounter. If you want to create such an event, it is easy: you only have to go on the “Buddies” tab in ManiaHome and click on the button “Invite buddies” to start creating an event.

Once done, the members of the selected group(s) will see a reminder 3 days before the event starts. This reminder will stay on top of the notifications list up until it starts. The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything in ManiaPlanet.

Now benefit from new events coming to you, or just create your own events easily!

Talk of this functionnality on the forum, see you soon!


A little gift for the German community

Great news! We are very happy to make a little gift to the German community, which is the biggest one at this moment on TrackMania² Canyon.

We have created a pack to represent your country in the game. In this pack you’ll find the German car skin, several stickers to decorate it and a calendar of the month featuring the German Car. To download it you simply have to click on this link or go to the ManiaLink “january-car”.

And it’s only the beginning:  for next month, try to guess which is second biggest community? It is quite obvious, but for March there is a little issue, we don’t know yet  who will win the pack. UK and US communities are on a tie with almost exactly the same number of players, so who will have their pack first and show to the world who is the third nation of the game ?

If you have American or British friends to invite, they may tip the scales in favor of their country. Oh sorry, in favour of their country I mean :p

Don’t hesitate to talk about it on our forum, see you soon on ManiaPlanet.


New versions of tools for ManiaPlanet out

Hi everyone ! We are happy to tell you that new versions of our development tools have been released:

  • ManiaLive, a server controller
  • ManiaPress , a tool enable you to display your WordPress blog inside ManiaPlanet
  • ManiaLib , Lightweight PHP framework for Manialink & Web development
  • ManiaPlanet Web Services SDK

For more information, please visit this link.

Have fun !


ManiaPub is live!

Hello everyone, we are glad to announce that ManiaPub on ManiaPlanet is now live. You’d say “Hey that’s awesome ManiaPub is live but…what’s ManiaPub?”. Well, easy ! ManiaPub is a way to promote a ManiaLink full of your creations like skins, 3D models, tracks, avatars, mods, plugins, events… or your team’s manialink to all ManiaPlanet players through the ingame menus.

If you want to promote your contents or promote an event/team, you have to go on the “ManiaPub” page inside ManiaPlanet (pull the ManiaPlanet bar with your cursor and type “ManiaPub” in the field). Then, you only have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

You can put your ads in different menus:

  • Multiplayer
  • Create server (in Multiplayer),
  • Local Play
  • Editors
  • Profile

Of course you can also select the areas where you want to promote them. You can choose your zone, region or country, and you can advertise to the whole world as well. For example if you chose Paris as your location, you’ll be able to promote your ads in the following areas: Paris -> Ile-de-France -> France and World.

Not a minute to waste, jump on the first ads to promote your ManiaLink!


A video for the ShootMania premiere

Someone at Ubisoft said one day:”Only gamers can satisfy the appetite of gamers.”  and it is one of the reasons why we are so happy to have a deep yet simple map editor for our games.

For the FPS, we will reveal the current version of the editor at the PGW. Also, we have cooked up a little video to whet your appetite 😉

See you at the Electronic Sports World Cup final on Saturday at the Paris Games Week,

See you in the forum,