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Road to Gamers Assembly

From Paris to Poitiers!

After the presence of Trackmania & Shootmania at the Electronic Sports World Cup occuring at the Parc des Expositions of Paris, Nadeo announce several tournaments at the Gamers Assembly of Poitiers in April 2015 and several online tournaments by then on the famed competition plateform of the ESL.

The Gamers Assembly is at the heart of the esport in France, and is a privileged place for the Trackmania & Shootmania community to meet. Only racing game and FPS with the most number of teams, the 2014 edition has been the occasion to meet a lot of players around very high quality tournaments in a very good ambiance. With seven tournaments planned this year, Nadeo hope that the players will find a competitive and human experience stronger than before.

That’s why Nadeo launch the operation “Road to Gamers Assembly

  • From now, a free unlimited access to the Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm multiplayer until the Gamers Assembly
  • Prized online tournaments on ESL Go4 for Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm Elite
  • Prized LAN tournaments at the Gamers Assembly on at least 7 Maniaplanet titles

Online tournaments on ESL before the Gamers Assembly

  • Go4 on Trackmania² Stadium in December, January & February
  • Go4 on Shootmania Storm Elite in December, January & February

LAN tournaments at the Gamers Assembly

  • Trackmania² Stadium 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Trackmania² Canyon 1vs1vs1vs1 & Trackmania² Valley 1vs1vs1vs1 (one per day)
  • Trackmania² Stadium Dirt 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Shootmania Elite 3vs3
  • Shootmania Battle 5vs5 & Siege 5vs5 (one per day)
  • And more following the evaluation of others potential requests of the community

To get the demos, the players can go directly on the websites www.trackmania.com and www.shootmania.com

To get the free multiplayer access on Steam, simply install the demos on these address:

May the best gamers win!

Feel free to discut about it on the forums!

TrackMania Is Celebrating 10 Years With A Free Demo & Celebration Packages


To celebrate the tremendous creativity of the TrackMania community over the past 10 years, we are announcing today the TrackMania² Free Multiplayer Demo which you can download now.

As part of this, you will now be able to buy the Celebra10n TrackMania Complete Package, which includes TrackMania² Stadium, Canyon, Valley and the original TrackMania United Forever for $29.99 (or 29.99€). Buy it now here.

Additionally, you can now purchase the Celebra10n TrackMania² Package, which includes all three TrackMania² titles for $19.99 (or 19.99€). Buy it now here or on the Steam store.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUnJKaEfgmA]

Alongside these celebration packages, we announced the 10th Anniversary Creative Competitions last week that includes track, car, and video creation contests. The winners of the contests will have their submissions presented at our celebratory LAN streaming event [aka LANniversary] on December 14, 2013. We invite you all to participate and celebrate the TrackMania community.

The Past 10 Years

Over the past 10 years, the TrackMania community has grown and evolved in many ways. Sites like Mania Exchange, Mania Park, and countless others host creation contests, competitions, and weekly events. They are also host to a hugemungous database of track creations, car models, and videos that represent just the tip of the iceberg of community creativity. The recently added Steam workshop has also been a great source of creative designs for a new audience of players. All of these have helped TrackMania grow in different and new ways over the past 10 years.


It is rare that a game lasts 10 years in this industry. Think about it, 10 years ago Ben Affleck was celebrating the success of acting in Gigli, YouTube definitely wasn’t a thing, and Matrix Revolutions unfortunately was a thing.  It is because of the members of the TrackMania and ManiaPlanet community that keep this game thriving.

Community members like forum moderator and passionate track creator, eyebo, has been a TrackMania-c since 2006. Another ManiaPlanet moderator, tcq, has been highly involved in competitions since 2004. Mikey, a passionate community member has hosted a very popular server called Madhouse for years.  Xymph and Slig have done amazing things for Dedimania. Peteypablo7 has been an extremely passionate leader on TrackMania Exchange. These community members and thousands of others have been built into the fabric of the TrackMania family.

Thank you all from the bottom of our fuel injected hearts. We hope you join us for the next 10 years.

10 years already…And it’s just the beginning!

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know: in two months we’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Trackmania! Yes, already 10 years! 10 years of laughter, tears, friendship, 10 years of creations, of posting on the forums, 10 years of videos, skins, competitions, 10 years of sharing, all of it taking place on the TrackMania tracks!


While you’ll have to spectate on what all we have planned, we will be organizing a big Lan Party all around the world, just like we did with the ShootMania 4 All Launch Party. If you would like to host one of these LAN events that will be held at the end of November 2013, please contact us. We’ll hook you up with some TrackMania swag as well as game keys alongside featuring your event as part of this great celebration. You only need to send an email to: maniaplanet@ubisoft.com with your full address [including a phone number], the location of your event and the number of people expected.

In the same way, if you want to organize an online competition on the 10 years Anniversary of TrackMania theme, you can contact us at the same address.

10 years already! Be ready to party! At Nadeo, we can’t wait 🙂

Thank you and see you very soon!

ManiaPlanet Community Events

mp_ce_wInterested in featuring TrackMania² at your local LAN competition? Want to hold an online tournament for Shootmania Storm?  Know of any other kind of event where you’d like to see ManiaPlanet featured? We’d love to help! Nadeo and Ubisoft are looking to help support community and local gaming events, whether it’s simply by spreading the word, sponsoring a booth or exhibit, or providing some awesome ManiaPlanet prizing such as:

  • Access to ShootMania/TrackMania Accounts to use for your Event
  • Promotional Material, including Banners and Signs.
  • 7-Day Trial Keys
  • Miscellaneous “Swag” Prizing [T-Shirts, Bags, etc.] – Currently ShootMania Only
  • Full Retail Keys of ManiaPlanet Titles
  • Advertisement on our official channels, including Facebook, Twitter and In-Game

If this sounds like something you’d [or someone you know of] would be interested in, be sure to contact us at: ManiaPlanet@Ubisoft.com.

We are happy to help support events of all sizes, in both North America and Europe. Please note that the availability of prizing and promotional material may be dependent on the size and time frame of the event.

It was a great ManiaGala!

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of activity in the previous weeks, between the ManiaGala, the ShootMania Launch Tournament, and the ShootMania 4 All Release Party.maniaGALA_facebook

Today, we’re releasing a small summary of what happened during the ManiaGala event at Gamers Assembly. Gamers Assembly took place on March 30th to April 1st, at the Palais des Congrès of the Futuroscope in Poitiers, France. This year, a part of the Gamers Assembly was decked out in the ManiaPlanet colors.

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ShootMania and TrackMania at the Insomnia47

Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce that ShootMania will be present at Insomnia47, from 30th November to 2nd December at the International Centre in Telford, UK.

An official ShootMania 3v3 Elite tournament will be held with £1,000 cash prize! To make it even more tempting to compete, we added £800 to the prize pool for a total of £1,800! But that’s not all because two other tournaments will be held in partnership with Team Dignitas.

On the ShootMania booth, in i47’s exhibition hall, a ShootMania 1v1 Joust tournament will take place along with a TrackMania Nations Forever tournament. Each of these tournaments will have a £600 prize pool, 1st = £300, 2nd = £200 and 3rd = £100.To attend to the ShootMania Elite tournament, you need to buy a BYOC ticket on the i47 website and for the ShootMania Joust and TrackMania Nations Forever tournaments, you need to register at the ShootMania booth with help from the Team Dignitas players between Friday and Saturday morning.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Source : http://iseries.multiplay.co.uk/2012/11/20/i47/more-prizes-and-more-tournaments-for-shootmania-trackmania/

SOPA Lan with ShootMania on 16th-17th June at Paris

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the first ShootMania Storm LAN will take place on 16th & 17th June in Paris.

In partnership with SNGT and Esport University, the SOPA LAN including ShootMania Storm will assemble 32 teams of 3 players competing in the Elite Mode. The competition will be very interesting as several teams that participated in the Op3N ShootMania tournament at the Gamers Assembly will be here to show their talents!

There are more than 13 000€ worth of prizes on offer at the tournament! It will also have live commentary and the majority of the competition will be streamed online.

Don’t delay, register for the ShootMania SOPA tournament at the following address, there are only a few places left! http://sopa-lan.fr/etape/paris

As always feel free to talk about it on the forum.

We support Lans and events

More than giving you tools to promote your events, we wish to remind you that we support LANs and event on another way. If you’re a TrackMania fan and wish to promote TrackMania Forever and/or ManiaPlanet titles (like TrackMania² Canyon) to a LAN where you go or that you’re an organizer yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll give you the possibility to get our “Lan Pack” which include the following items (depending of the size of the event and the stock remaining):

  • ManiaPlanet badges
  • ManiaPlanet tshirts
  • TrackMania² Canyon Poster
  • Ubisoft PC Games
  • TrackMania² Canyon temporary keys to help you to organize events on TrackMania² Canyon

Lan Pack

So if you’re interessed, contact cerovan@nadeo.com to ask for a pack but make your request at least one month in advance!

Talk about it on the forum, see you later!