It was a great ManiaGala!

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of activity in the previous weeks, between the ManiaGala, the ShootMania Launch Tournament, and the ShootMania 4 All Release Party.maniaGALA_facebook

Today, we’re releasing a small summary of what happened during the ManiaGala event at Gamers Assembly. Gamers Assembly took place on March 30th to April 1st, at the Palais des Congrès of the Futuroscope in Poitiers, France. This year, a part of the Gamers Assembly was decked out in the ManiaPlanet colors.

It was an exciting party that was open to everyone: TrackMania and ShootMania players united together to compete in amazing tournaments! Almost the entire Nadeo Development team was on hand to meet members of the community. It was a weekend full of hanging out with people and new players, chills, and smiles in a fun, open and friendly environement.

Five tournaments were held for players who registered in advance, and two were open to anyone attending, filling both days with intensive matches.

During the first public tournament, ManiaGala 1, “Oniby” won first place, with “Stonn” and “Leaf” coming in second and third place respectively.

ManiaGala 2 was won by “Profeta”, a young ShootMania player, followed by “Nanouskaa”, “Judoka” and “Gaetan” who all tied for second place.

Finally, here are the results of the “official” tournaments, where the finals (except for Elite) were played in the ManiaPlanet amphiteatre in front of a crazy audience!

TrackMania² Canyon

First Place: “Onio”, followed by “Cocow” and “Zypher”.

TrackMania² Stadium

The winner was “Yoyo”. Second and Third Place: “Tamarillo” and “HakkiJr”.

ShootMania Elite

“Swiss Bulls” won this tournament, followed by “PyroGEN” in second and “ImG.Mistral” in third.

ShootMania Royal

“Narwak” won the gold medal, “efg” came ini second and “Dim” earned third.

ShootMania Joust

The winner was “Oniby”. Second and Third Place: “yoannlink” and “d4mszczku”.

A big congrats to all the players, and a  big thank you to Alienware and Logitech for their generous donations towards prizes for all the tournaments. Special thanks to maniActu and Drakonia for their energy and continued support of ManiaPlanet.

We had a lot of fun meeting everyone during the event, and we hope that you all had a good time as well. Thanks again for your support!

We leave you with a commemorative video of the event, as well as a photo gallery from ManiaGala!