ShootMania Storm at NorthCon

Hello everyone,

Good news for all our German players because ShootMania will be at NorthCon this weekend!

NorthCon are running two ShootMania BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tournaments in the Lan area:

ShootMania Storm 3v3 (Elite):

  1. 600€

  2. 400€

  3. 200€

ShootMania Storm 1v1 (Joust)

  1. 500€

  2. 200€

  3. 100€

More information available on their site:

And that’s not all, Freaks4U will also host ShootMania Storm matches on their booth with 8 Alienware PCs. Also two German casters will be there to fire up the audience during the matches! Different gamemodes will be ready to play all weekend, so don’t hesitate to try them all!

Finally, n!faculty will present ShootMania Storm on the Asus booth with the Elite mode (3v3) with their female Counter-Strike pro-players.

So have fun and don’t forget to grab a beta key available at the booths!