Steelseries prizes if you watch Curse ShootMania tournament!

Come watch the Curse FPSGeneral tournament stream this week!

Players will compete in Elite mode, best of 3, on the following maps: paladin, swift, collided, castle crasher, thecastle, watch your back, solar flare.

The tournament is a Double elimination system and Prizes are a $5000 prize pool for players and some Steelseries prizes for viewers.

Check out the list of celebs that will be casting this tournament:

David “Dignitas Zaccubus” Treacy
Ziggy “Dignitas nVc” Orzeszek
Jonathan “JonniTheJuicyJ” Gil

Guest Casters:
JD “w1nters” Burns
Adam “indredd” Dandar

You can find all the info you need about the event here.

You can watch the STREAM here.

The upcoming streams are:

12-19 – Start time: 18:00 EST
12-21 – Start time: 20:00 EST
12-22 – Start time: 20:00 EST

See you then on Stream!

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