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The ShootMania 4 All Recap!

Hello everyone,

Last month, the community, Nadeo, and Ubisoft, in partnership with SteelSeries, came together to celebrate a very special event: the release of ShootMania Storm with the “ShootMania4All” Launch Party.SM_-_SM4ALL_recap_-_slide

For the entire day, thousands of people from all around the world came together to discover and play ShootMania – online or in person, from North America, Europe, Australia and many places inbetween.

Players created a fun and friendly ambiance, sporting the ShootMania colors alongside other awesome swag the received, including t-shirts, mugs, and the limited edition ShootMania collector mousepads.

Fans unable to attend one of the live events still had a chance to participate in the fun, joining the FragDolls and O’GamingTV for their livestreams. They put together an awesome show, which you can watch [or rewatch!] here:

Watch live video from Frag Dolls on TwitchTV

Finally, for those who prefered to simply play the game, special online servers were configured specifically for this event. These servers featured some of the most popular community-generated game modes, and allowed everyone to participate in the party [and even meet members of the Nadeo crew!

We leave with this small re-cap video of the event, and our thanks once again to our fans and players for helping us with organizing and participating in the launch of ShootMania Storm. It was really awesome.

Steelseries prizes if you watch Curse ShootMania tournament!

Come watch the Curse FPSGeneral tournament stream this week!

Players will compete in Elite mode, best of 3, on the following maps: paladin, swift, collided, castle crasher, thecastle, watch your back, solar flare.

The tournament is a Double elimination system and Prizes are a $5000 prize pool for players and some Steelseries prizes for viewers.

Check out the list of celebs that will be casting this tournament:

David “Dignitas Zaccubus” Treacy
Ziggy “Dignitas nVc” Orzeszek
Jonathan “JonniTheJuicyJ” Gil

Guest Casters:
JD “w1nters” Burns
Adam “indredd” Dandar

You can find all the info you need about the event here.

You can watch the STREAM here.

The upcoming streams are:

12-19 – Start time: 18:00 EST
12-21 – Start time: 20:00 EST
12-22 – Start time: 20:00 EST

See you then on Stream!

Schedule for DreamHack Winter 2012

Hello everyone,

Following “Montpellier In Game” last weekend, ShootMania will have the honour of being at DreamHack Winter in Jonkoping, Sweden, from 22nd to 25th November. Two tournaments have been organized by our partners Zotac, Steelseries and QPad.

  • QPad tournament
    • Mode: Joust 1vs1, simple bracket

    • Location and registration: QPad booth in Hall B

    • Prizes: 500€ each day plus goodies

  • Zotac/Steelseries tournament

    • Mode: Elite 3 vs 3

    • Location and registration: Zotac/Steelseries booth in Hall B

    • Prizes: 2000€ minimum plus Zotac graphic cards (400€ value)

    • Proceedings: Two qualifying phases will take place on Thursday and Friday with the semi-finals and the final on Saturday.

We also wanted to support the initiative “Pack 4 DreamHack” which allow 80 players from Benelux to attend DreamHack. Each attendee will receive a ShootMania beta key for access during and after the event, they will also receive goodies and gifts.

Have a good DreamHack! See you soon!