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Schedule for DreamHack Winter 2012

Hello everyone,

Following “Montpellier In Game” last weekend, ShootMania will have the honour of being at DreamHack Winter in Jonkoping, Sweden, from 22nd to 25th November. Two tournaments have been organized by our partners Zotac, Steelseries and QPad.

  • QPad tournament
    • Mode: Joust 1vs1, simple bracket

    • Location and registration: QPad booth in Hall B

    • Prizes: 500€ each day plus goodies

  • Zotac/Steelseries tournament

    • Mode: Elite 3 vs 3

    • Location and registration: Zotac/Steelseries booth in Hall B

    • Prizes: 2000€ minimum plus Zotac graphic cards (400€ value)

    • Proceedings: Two qualifying phases will take place on Thursday and Friday with the semi-finals and the final on Saturday.

We also wanted to support the initiative “Pack 4 DreamHack” which allow 80 players from Benelux to attend DreamHack. Each attendee will receive a ShootMania beta key for access during and after the event, they will also receive goodies and gifts.

Have a good DreamHack! See you soon!

ShootMania Storm at the DreamHack Summer

Hello everyone !

You have not heard the last from us on the FPS eSport scene! We are happy to announce that ShootMania Storm will be present at DreamHack Summer this year!

For this special occasion, we have decided to offer everyone attending DreamHack an alpha access and invite them to participate in a ShootMania Joust mode tournament.

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