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Opening of the ticket booth for SOPA Lan and one surprise

Hi everyone,

Now that the tournament is full for SOPA Lan (you can check out the attendees list on this link, there is big level : http://sopa-lan.fr/etape/paris/participants), the SNGT and Esport Université announce that the ticket booth for visitors is now avalaible on their website : http://sopa-lan.fr/page/billetterie-visiteurs

I recommend you to hurry up if you wish to have places because there will not be enough places for everyone.

But that’s not all because they have asked to 5 present personnalities to play a little game by filling the blanks of a text :

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SOPA Lan with ShootMania on 16th-17th June at Paris

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the first ShootMania Storm LAN will take place on 16th & 17th June in Paris.

In partnership with SNGT and Esport University, the SOPA LAN including ShootMania Storm will assemble 32 teams of 3 players competing in the Elite Mode. The competition will be very interesting as several teams that participated in the Op3N ShootMania tournament at the Gamers Assembly will be here to show their talents!

There are more than 13 000€ worth of prizes on offer at the tournament! It will also have live commentary and the majority of the competition will be streamed online.

Don’t delay, register for the ShootMania SOPA tournament at the following address, there are only a few places left! http://sopa-lan.fr/etape/paris

As always feel free to talk about it on the forum.