A ton of competitions for March

Hello everyone,

It’s time today to talk about what will come until end of March: whatsoever of LANS, online competitions for ShootMania or TrackMania, everyone will find his account.MP - GA - Logos - slide

The schedule:

The tournaments of this weekend (22th-24th March):

  • A ShootMania Elite tournament as well as a ShootMania Joust tournament at Insomnia48 at the “International Centre” at Telford in England. More details here.

  • The aAa ShootMania Elite Pro Challenge #2 online tournament this saturday. The rules are the same that few days ago (but limited to 16 teams).

Note also the ShootMania Elite online tournament organized by WebOne on Tuesday 26th March.

And as each week, Eclypsia will host their Elite Cup on ShootMania Elite on Thursday evening (CET) and the Zotac Cup (CET) which runs each Sunday afternoon.

The LANs of the Easter weekend (29th-31th March):

The Gamers Assembly which take place at Poitiers in France during the Easter weekend:

Moreover there is few places remaining for these tournaments, so i invite you to go the Gamers Assembly website to register before it’s too late!

There is a lot of tournaments at the GA yet not only that! Indeed, the first ManiaGala will take place during the event with the Nadeo crew, several workbenches about ManiaPlanet and much more.

The visitors who want to participate to the ManiaPlanet party without being registered to a tournament, tickets are available on the Gamers Assembly online ticket-booth. Beware, the tickets are in limited numbers.

With maniActu, you can vote for the next Elite mappack which will be used for the next competitions. Head over on their website to express your choice.

Easter will go with ManiaPlanet this year 😉