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We support Lans and events

More than giving you tools to promote your events, we wish to remind you that we support LANs and event on another way. If you’re a TrackMania fan and wish to promote TrackMania Forever and/or ManiaPlanet titles (like TrackMania² Canyon) to a LAN where you go or that you’re an organizer yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll give you the possibility to get our “Lan Pack” which include the following items (depending of the size of the event and the stock remaining):

  • ManiaPlanet badges
  • ManiaPlanet tshirts
  • TrackMania² Canyon Poster
  • Ubisoft PC Games
  • TrackMania² Canyon temporary keys to help you to organize events on TrackMania² Canyon

Lan Pack

So if you’re interessed, contact cerovan@nadeo.com to ask for a pack but make your request at least one month in advance!

Talk about it on the forum, see you later!