A little gift for the German community

Great news! We are very happy to make a little gift to the German community, which is the biggest one at this moment on TrackMania² Canyon.

We have created a pack to represent your country in the game. In this pack you’ll find the German car skin, several stickers to decorate it and a calendar of the month featuring the German Car. To download it you simply have to click on this link or go to the ManiaLink “january-car”.

And it’s only the beginning:  for next month, try to guess which is second biggest community? It is quite obvious, but for March there is a little issue, we don’t know yet  who will win the pack. UK and US communities are on a tie with almost exactly the same number of players, so who will have their pack first and show to the world who is the third nation of the game ?

If you have American or British friends to invite, they may tip the scales in favor of their country. Oh sorry, in favour of their country I mean :p

Don’t hesitate to talk about it on our forum, see you soon on ManiaPlanet.