Create events in ManiaPlanet

We know that you’re a very active community which make an incredible amount of things each day, from creating contents to organizing competitions. Here is a little tip about a new functionality.

You may sometimes see a notification about an event which will occur or an invitation to an upcoming event so you’ll may be interested to participate but you’ll certainly ask yourself where those notifications come from. They come from your buddies, your groups, or from Nadeo. It’s a new functionality on ManiaHome called “Calendar”.

Calendar is a tool allowing people to announce events to/from members of their group. For example you can receive calendar events to remind you of a competition, meeting with your group on servers, or a real-life encounter. If you want to create such an event, it is easy: you only have to go on the “Buddies” tab in ManiaHome and click on the button “Invite buddies” to start creating an event.

Once done, the members of the selected group(s) will see a reminder 3 days before the event starts. This reminder will stay on top of the notifications list up until it starts. The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything in ManiaPlanet.

Now benefit from new events coming to you, or just create your own events easily!

Talk of this functionnality on the forum, see you soon!


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