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Hello Planet #1

October 2011

Hello Planet #1,

This is a month since we have released TrackMania 2 Canyon, and I am here to inform about what we are doing at the moment.

To start with, I will present the map editor of ShootMania Storm this Saturday at Paris Games Week. For the players who are familiar with it, it will be the occasion to discover the look of the environment in itself. It will be just before the final of the TrackMania Nations world cup and everything should be streamed live starting at 2 p.m. Paris time (…)


At the studio, we have just released the second update that players can activate in their player page if they want. Combined, you have an improved support for custom car model, no waiting time for official attempt at launch if you have previously launched the game since more than five minute off course, a restart after updates and various optimisations, stability issues and compatibility questions. The update will be pushed soon to all players. (…)

And if you have this update, you can discover a plug in of map generator that we just released in the forum (…)

We are also working on some new blocs for Canyon. We could have improved the current collection here or there, but we have chosed to focus on one set of blocs in an already existing theme. So, it will be less interesting for combinations but should bring something to the feelings divertity of the environment.

One of our big topic at the moment is the economical system. Within two weeks, we should have switched on the economical ladder as well as the economical balancing system that transform some planets into economical points in order to stabilize the economy and the inflation. Starting from there, we will be able to reward with planets audiences for manialink and servers.


At Nadeo Live, there are plenty of subjects under development

For Paris Games Week, we are setting up a booth to welcome current players and visitors. For myself, I should be there on Saturday if nothing wrong happen.

Something special is being prepared for the Halloween at the end of the month.

A video of various contributions by players is being prepared. It is based on real life foortage and you can see a sample here provided by a player (…)

On the developping side, a work is being done to make easy connection between WordPress and Manialinks. It should also handle ‘events’ so a new article can trigger a new event for people with their favorite blog.

More technically but as much importantly, ManiaLive 2 is beta and improved the easyness of development. ManiaLive is a dedicated manager controller on which other players can make plug ins. Other dedicated server tools like this are being done by players and are having nice improvement at the moment (…)

And still in the technical side of things, an interface to connect the Maniaplanet account as been made available a month ago. To understand the use of this, you should think at similar services like Facebook Connect, but for Maniaplanet off course. (…)

Finally, we are working on many other topics as well. One of the most important is Maniaplanet 2.0. The main feature of this version is to enable players to make titles. Those are boxes that will be displayed at launch if you got the corresponding file, directly from within the game of from sharing sites. It will enable you to play on mode made by players and will provide services for this. One of them is the ability to have a ladder for it, with regions. It is yet to know if we will have this service ready for the launch of Maniaplanet 2.0.

So, this was my first blog post and sorry for my english. I hope to see other in the future, depending of the feedbacks and the time I have. I had to catch up many things since the launch and there is still stuff to do!

See you in the forum,



Here we go !!

Hello everyone,

Here we go! Just a few things left to fix and the Beta will be over.
We would like to thank every player for their participation in the Beta release and their useful feedback which allowed us to put the finishing touches to the game.
Moreover, we read so many positives comments, we played on some of the thousands of tracks and servers already created. All that activity gave us more energy to offer the best gaming experience we could.

For everyone, TrackMania² Canyon will be available for download only at, on Wednesday September 14.
To make sure nobody misses out, new payment methods are available for the release :

-PaySafe Card
-Webmoney (Russia only)

The recommended system requirements to enjoy TrackMania² Canyon are:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium® or AMD @ 1,5 Ghz or greater
HD: 1.5 GB Free space
Video: 256 MB Video Card with Pixel Shader 2.0 or Intel HD 2000, Nvidia ION or AMD HD 6310
Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c and latest video drivers

A new adventure is about to begin and we hope that TrackMania² Canyon & ManiaPlanet will give you even more fun than our previous games.
See you on the servers tomorrow !

Ubisoft-Nadeo Studio

Multiplayer beta – We have a date!

Hello everyone !

We’ve never been that close to the launch and it is time for us to go even faster : may the red booster be with us!

That’s the reason why we’re offering from August 17 onwards, until the launch of the game, the multiplayer beta to each one of you buying TrackMania² Canyon.

It is a turning checkpoint for Ubisoft Nadeo as we will be opening doors to all of the players willing to jump into the 1st ManiaPlanet online title right away.

For $24,99 / £19,99, you will be able to buy the game before the launch and install the multiplayer beta, which includes the map editor and the mediatracker (for videos editing). Upon release day, the beta version will be automatically updated to the finale and complete version of the game.

It will be available on

Should you fear to forget about it, here is a little widget to install on your PC : it will recall you the time left before D-Day and zero hour



Do not hesitate to spread the good news! After all, TrackMania² Canyon is best communicated by you, the community.

See you soon online then!


PS : more infos to come on the full list of prices per region/country so stay tuned!

React in the forum



Aug 18-21: Big ManiaPlanet meeting at Gamescom!

Hello everyone!

First post in a while, there was much going on here that we couldn’t talk about. We will be posting more regularly from now on.

We will be at Gamescom to race with you in TrackMania² Canyon, on the ESL booth located in Hall 9. 24 pcs will be available to play TrackMania² Canyon, with friendly tournaments organized.  We will update you closer to the event with more detailed information.

We hope to be seeing many of you there, and get a chance to race with you. So meet you at ESL booth? Who will be there?

Post here to tell us if you’re coming or not, and leave your comments.



Here is a german translation kindly provided by xis101:

Hallo zusammen!

Wir werden auf der Gamescom sein um mit euch TrackMania² Canyon auf dem ESL-Stand in Halle 9 zu spielen. 24 PCs werden zur Verfügung stehen um TrackMania² Canyon zu spielen und nette Turniere zu veranstalten. Wir werden euch mit detaillierteren Informationen versorgen je näher das Event rückt.

Wir hoffen viele von euch dort zu sehen und mit euch zu fahren. Also treffen wir uns am ESL-Stand? Wer wird alles dort sein?

Erzählt uns hier, ob ihr kommen werdet oder nicht und hinterlasst uns eure Kommentare.



TrackMania² Canyon ?

Los Angeles, Tuesday 7 June – 2 pm

Install, Gamepads are plugged, everything is ready to welcome the first players.

The Doc and The K are with us, they tested the game and they seem to liking it, but well, we want to have the first impressions from players, from racers, those who perpetuate TrackMania’s tradition with Canyon, racing with a simple and fun game,  with an online experience full of diversity.

Los Angeles, Thursday, 9 June  – 6 pm
Intense three days where we saw that the game works well: the booth with its 8 pods was always full, plenty of journalists came, The Doc and The K are still on board, they haven’t disavowed us 🙂

But finally what is TM ² Canyon? A little of Stadium with Bay, a drop of Coast and something of Desert? No, TM² Canyon is TM ² Canyon, a different environment with its features, its techniques, its gameplay.

TM ² Canyon is the pleasure of riding full speed ahead, in the open spaces of the North american desert in a car slightly heavy and with a surprisingly fast acceleration.

Winding roads where rocks can become tricky obstacles, tracks on the mountainside where one  steering mistake may send you crashing 200m below, tunnels ensuring a dizzying speed, and of course wall-rides and loops as fun as unpredictable, everything is there to keep the spirit of racing and a tight control over your car.

And what about skills? Sometimes the right path won’t be enough, you will have to use and, above all, master the drift which, soon you will see, is very important, when speed and curves unite, to win the precious thousandths needed for your victory.

After my intensive training with The Doc & The K at E3, I am looking forward to racing with you on the roads of the Canyon !

To post a comment: just here

Thanks !



ManiaPlanet @ E3 2011 (June 7-9th)

Hi everyone!

Exciting time for us: We will be at E3 next Monday! It is the very first time for one of our game to be presented at this big event, and so we are thrilled and impatient about it. It is great opportunity to showcase the game, and we will present a new trailer as well.

Pepita and Annki will be speaking about ManiaPlanet and TrackMania² Canyon at the Ubisoft conference, starting Monday June 6 at 2:30pm LA Time (UTC-8).  You can follow the conference streaming here:

Watch Ubisoft conference on Uplay

Starting at:

2:30pm LA Time (UTC-8)

5:30pm NY Time (UTC-5)

10:30pm London Time

23:30 Paris Time (UTC+1)

June 7th 01:30 Moscow Time (UTC+3)


After the conference, we will be animating the TrackMania² Canyon booth, composed of 8 pods demoing the game for journalists, and a large screen showing up the trailer and some in-game footage.   FragDolls and 2 players from TrackMania US community will be joining us on the booth from Tuesday to Thursday to help us demoing the game.

We will keep you updated about our best moments over there!

Discuss here on the forum


Why doing ManiaPlanet?

What’s ManiaPlanet?

ManiaPlanet is first and foremost a frame of mind. It’s the beginning of a new adventure,  a gathering where you, real gamers, are invited to share our games’ strengths: fun, simplicity and beauty. A few years ago we started TrackMania, and it appealed to players willing to create the best online multiplayer experience possible. Today we’re coming back with a faster, more robust and impressive system, expanding into FPS with ShootMania and RPG with QuestMania.

With ManiaPlanet, our goal is to offer the best online experience possible. Thanks to players’ creativity it will be dynamic, diverse, energetic and fascinating. Each time you will launch ManiaPlanet, you will discover something new, a diversity constantly renewed.

Today, at Nadeo, we can’t wait to be playing with you in ManiaPlanet first title: TrackMania² Canyon.

The Player at the center of ManiaPlanet

ManiaPlanet is the ideal online gaming system for players! Each and everyone will be free to use it the way they like. You’re a gamer? You will find solid, fun and simple games, just like TrackMania and with even better graphics. You’re creative? You’ll discover powerful instruments giving you the chance to express yourself, creating content for your friends or other players. You’re a coder, an engineer, or adept of Do-It-Yourself? You can jump right in the core of the game and explore coding to create new adventures to share. You like competing? You could measure yourself against the bests. Whether you like to organize, compete or watch, ManiaPlanet will be offering you great entertainment opportunities.

For us the passion for games is fundamental, and with ManiaPlanet we want to offer an open world, where you, the gamers, will be free to unleash these passions.

Join us here for discussion



Welcome to our new Dev blog

Hi and welcome everyone!

Well, we strongly wanted to talk about ManiaPlanet, TrackMania² Canyon and later ShootMania or QuestMania, and there are many things to say !

To do so, the NadeoLive team has been formed, as a part of Nadeo,  and has the mission to multiply and to magnify the ManiaPlanet potential (we will have many interesting things to offer and to share with you in the following months 🙂 ). We will take the time here to accompany the launch of this new adventure: ManiaPlanet.

After the reading of the first press articles, the forums, many comments (thanks a lot ^-^ ) on Youtube, Facebook and all your sites… we selected  several subjects which seem to be interesting to freely share with you: creators, gamers, organizers, competitors, visitors or spectators of TrackMania and soon ManiaPlanet.

Regularly, we will write a post on this blog and will discuss directly with you on the forum, depending on your comments which, we are sure, will be, as always, straightforward and direct.

We hope you will enjoy it, see you very soon then!

Any comments ? Just post here

The NadeoLive Team