Welcome to our new Dev blog

Hi and welcome everyone!

Well, we strongly wanted to talk about ManiaPlanet, TrackMania² Canyon and later ShootMania or QuestMania, and there are many things to say !

To do so, the NadeoLive team has been formed, as a part of Nadeo,  and has the mission to multiply and to magnify the ManiaPlanet potential (we will have many interesting things to offer and to share with you in the following months 🙂 ). We will take the time here to accompany the launch of this new adventure: ManiaPlanet.

After the reading of the first press articles, the forums, many comments (thanks a lot ^-^ ) on Youtube, Facebook and all your sites… we selected  several subjects which seem to be interesting to freely share with you: creators, gamers, organizers, competitors, visitors or spectators of TrackMania and soon ManiaPlanet.

Regularly, we will write a post on this blog and will discuss directly with you on the forum, depending on your comments which, we are sure, will be, as always, straightforward and direct.

We hope you will enjoy it, see you very soon then!

Any comments ? Just post here

The NadeoLive Team