Why doing ManiaPlanet?

What’s ManiaPlanet?

ManiaPlanet is first and foremost a frame of mind. It’s the beginning of a new adventure,  a gathering where you, real gamers, are invited to share our games’ strengths: fun, simplicity and beauty. A few years ago we started TrackMania, and it appealed to players willing to create the best online multiplayer experience possible. Today we’re coming back with a faster, more robust and impressive system, expanding into FPS with ShootMania and RPG with QuestMania.

With ManiaPlanet, our goal is to offer the best online experience possible. Thanks to players’ creativity it will be dynamic, diverse, energetic and fascinating. Each time you will launch ManiaPlanet, you will discover something new, a diversity constantly renewed.

Today, at Nadeo, we can’t wait to be playing with you in ManiaPlanet first title: TrackMania² Canyon.

The Player at the center of ManiaPlanet

ManiaPlanet is the ideal online gaming system for players! Each and everyone will be free to use it the way they like. You’re a gamer? You will find solid, fun and simple games, just like TrackMania and with even better graphics. You’re creative? You’ll discover powerful instruments giving you the chance to express yourself, creating content for your friends or other players. You’re a coder, an engineer, or adept of Do-It-Yourself? You can jump right in the core of the game and explore coding to create new adventures to share. You like competing? You could measure yourself against the bests. Whether you like to organize, compete or watch, ManiaPlanet will be offering you great entertainment opportunities.

For us the passion for games is fundamental, and with ManiaPlanet we want to offer an open world, where you, the gamers, will be free to unleash these passions.

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