Hello Planet #1

October 2011

Hello Planet #1,

This is a month since we have released TrackMania 2 Canyon, and I am here to inform about what we are doing at the moment.

To start with, I will present the map editor of ShootMania Storm this Saturday at Paris Games Week. For the players who are familiar with it, it will be the occasion to discover the look of the environment in itself. It will be just before the final of the TrackMania Nations world cup and everything should be streamed live starting at 2 p.m. Paris time (…)


At the studio, we have just released the second update that players can activate in their player page if they want. Combined, you have an improved support for custom car model, no waiting time for official attempt at launch if you have previously launched the game since more than five minute off course, a restart after updates and various optimisations, stability issues and compatibility questions. The update will be pushed soon to all players. (…)

And if you have this update, you can discover a plug in of map generator that we just released in the forum (…)

We are also working on some new blocs for Canyon. We could have improved the current collection here or there, but we have chosed to focus on one set of blocs in an already existing theme. So, it will be less interesting for combinations but should bring something to the feelings divertity of the environment.

One of our big topic at the moment is the economical system. Within two weeks, we should have switched on the economical ladder as well as the economical balancing system that transform some planets into economical points in order to stabilize the economy and the inflation. Starting from there, we will be able to reward with planets audiences for manialink and servers.


At Nadeo Live, there are plenty of subjects under development

For Paris Games Week, we are setting up a booth to welcome current players and visitors. For myself, I should be there on Saturday if nothing wrong happen.

Something special is being prepared for the Halloween at the end of the month.

A video of various contributions by players is being prepared. It is based on real life foortage and you can see a sample here provided by a player (…)

On the developping side, a work is being done to make easy connection between WordPress and Manialinks. It should also handle ‘events’ so a new article can trigger a new event for people with their favorite blog.

More technically but as much importantly, ManiaLive 2 is beta and improved the easyness of development. ManiaLive is a dedicated manager controller on which other players can make plug ins. Other dedicated server tools like this are being done by players and are having nice improvement at the moment (…)

And still in the technical side of things, an interface to connect the Maniaplanet account as been made available a month ago. To understand the use of this, you should think at similar services like Facebook Connect, but for Maniaplanet off course. (…)

Finally, we are working on many other topics as well. One of the most important is Maniaplanet 2.0. The main feature of this version is to enable players to make titles. Those are boxes that will be displayed at launch if you got the corresponding file, directly from within the game of from sharing sites. It will enable you to play on mode made by players and will provide services for this. One of them is the ability to have a ladder for it, with regions. It is yet to know if we will have this service ready for the launch of Maniaplanet 2.0.

So, this was my first blog post and sorry for my english. I hope to see other in the future, depending of the feedbacks and the time I have. I had to catch up many things since the launch and there is still stuff to do!

See you in the forum,