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The country of the Haka

Hello everyone,

It’s the first Monday of the month and summer has begun… that’s if you live in New Zealand! Time for New Zealand to get a car skin more intimidating than the Haka.We don’t change a working recipe, you’ll find a stickers pack and the calendar for December. All for free at the ManiaPlanet Store.

See you soon… with more information about the Beta 2 release!

An Assassin in the Canyon

Hello everyone,

A little surprise arrives in TrackMania² Canyon! A number of you must play other games besides TrackMania… you might be aware Assassin’s Creed 3 is now out on PC (yesterday in the United States and in Europe tomorrow) .

I think you’ve guessed… To celebrate this event, we offer two skins inspired  by the latest Assassin installment, “Assassin’s Creed 3” and “Abstergo”.

The skins are now available for free at the Maniaplanet Store, click to directly launch the game and visit the store.

Watch these new skins in action!

If you want share this video on your youtube channel, download it here.

Back soon with more Maniaplanet news!

Time for some Samba?

Hello everyone,

This month began with really awesome announcements for ManiaPlanet. Starting with ShootMania Beta 2 and the upcoming arrival of TrackMania² Valley and TrackMania² Stadium.

Each month TrackMania² Canyon get a new national skin and this month won’t be an exception. Time for Brazil to get their skin!As usual you’ll find the monthly calendar and the sticker pack with the skin at the ManiaPlanet Store.

Have fun!

It’s Australia’s turn!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that the Australian skin is now available at the ManiaPlanet Store.

With the classic green and gold colours of Australian sports teams, all the Aussie TrackMania 2 players will surely cut a few seconds off the official records! Just think… Cathy Freeman, Ian Thorpe, Dawn Fraser, David Campese and Don Bradman… Keep racing Australia!

We hope that you like this new skin, it’s Australian made (seriously, own designers an Aussie) and it’s available for free at the ManiaPlanet Store.

Feel free to talk about it on the forums.

In a cold country…

TrackMania players are heating up! Now it’s Norway’s turn to get the monthly car.

In the pack you’ll find the Norwegian car, the desktop calendar for May and a sticker pack containing a speed stripe, a NORWAY text decal, a 2012 flag, a Norway Badge and a pair of Checkered Flags.

This new free pack is available at the “ManiaPlanet Store”.

See you soon for a new car and be free to react on the forum.

This is my cup of tea

Hello players,

It’s time for the monthly car, this time the english players have the honour.

As always you’ll find the UK skin featuring the April calendar and a sticker pack containing the following items: UK flag, a Chrome Gas Cap, a UK badge, a UK 2012 text sticker, a Racing UK Map and a Car Vents.

You’ll find this new pack on the “ManiaPlanet Store“.

See you the next month to discover which country will be under the spotlights, happy driving!

US skin now available

Dear American players, as the third biggest Community in terms of players in TrackMania², it’s now your turn to get your hands on the wheel!

We proudly offer you the US skin for the Canyon Car. It also includes a sticker pack to customize your vehicle, and the March calendar.

Happy driving.

Don’t wait and download it from this link or via the ManiaLink “ManiaPlanet-Store“.

As always, feel free to talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!

A new driver appears on TrackMania² Canyon

You heard a freaking yell far away while running a race against a challenger when you saw something coming to you right behind… it’s not a car, it’s not a plane, it has two long ears apparently… oh my… it’s a rabbit on a cart!

BWAAAH yes, the Raving Rabbids are coming to TrackMania² Canyon for your biggest fun. For this special occasion check the video introducing this awesome car:

Want to drive it? Download it for free from our brand new ingame store via the ManiaLink “ManiaPlanet-Store” or directly with this link.

After downloading it, go on your profile,  select “Vehicules” option and activate this new car (please make sure you have your validation code with you. If you have forgotten your validation key, please check out this link to generate a new one).

Talk about it on the forum.

We hope you enjoy racing with the Rabbids, have fun!