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A new tool ingame for ShootMania: 3D models!

Greetings all!

With the release of ShootMania Storm in just a couple of weeks time (April 10), Nadeo has announced exciting new tools that will open the game even more, enhancing its creative possibilities. The first of these features will allow players to import skins including 3D characters, animations and sounds into ShootMania Storm. To show players what is possible, Nadeo have partnered with Ubisoft’s Shanghai Studio to create the special Susu skin that is now available for players. Players can download the skin for free, directly within the game. Please find an image of the skin here:

Susu 3D Model

“This is just be the tip of the iceberg, we have a lot of great features planned for the weeks after the release of the game. We will open the game and our creative tools further to the community,”  says Florent Castelnerac, Managing Director at Nadeo.

Nadeo is also very happy to announce that they are working on the Steam Workshop integration for ShootMania Storm, TrackMania² Canyon and TrackMania² Stadium. Players will therefore soon be able to share their creations via the Steam Workshop, just like they already do in game and through community sites.

The open beta versions of ShootMania Storm and TrackMania² Stadium are still available for free at www.maniaplanet.com/download or on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/freestuff/demos/. Sharing content is only available for players who purchased the game and won’t be possible for those who currently test the game for free in the Open Beta. The 3D model will download but will not be available in your profile.

Check your notifications ingame, or type “maniaplanet-store” in the maniaplanet browser. After dowloading the new model example, you have to restart the game to see it in your profile.