ManiaPub is live!

Hello everyone, we are glad to announce that ManiaPub on ManiaPlanet is now live. You’d say “Hey that’s awesome ManiaPub is live but…what’s ManiaPub?”. Well, easy ! ManiaPub is a way to promote a ManiaLink full of your creations like skins, 3D models, tracks, avatars, mods, plugins, events… or your team’s manialink to all ManiaPlanet players through the ingame menus.

If you want to promote your contents or promote an event/team, you have to go on the “ManiaPub” page inside ManiaPlanet (pull the ManiaPlanet bar with your cursor and type “ManiaPub” in the field). Then, you only have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

You can put your ads in different menus:

  • Multiplayer
  • Create server (in Multiplayer),
  • Local Play
  • Editors
  • Profile

Of course you can also select the areas where you want to promote them. You can choose your zone, region or country, and you can advertise to the whole world as well. For example if you chose Paris as your location, you’ll be able to promote your ads in the following areas: Paris -> Ile-de-France -> France and World.

Not a minute to waste, jump on the first ads to promote your ManiaLink!