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Stream your games with!

Hi all!

Streamers will be over the moon. Twitch.TV is now fully integrated in Maniaplanet, allowing ShootMania and TrackMania² to stream your games and competitions directly on really

You can also for example share directly in live with the others players from the world the game modes that you like and explain them while playing at the same time. Endless possibilities opens for you with this feature!

Here is a video about this new amazing feature:

Don’t forget we also have a video contest currently running. To learn more about it, check out the following news.

Have fun!

ManiaPlanet goes full Steam ahead!

Hi everyone

As usual, when we have news, they’re big, they’re many, and they all come at the same time ! So let’s cut through the chase and confirm what many of you had guessed: ManiaPlanet is now available on Steam !MP - Now On Steam

Starting today, TrackMania² Canyon, ShootMania Storm and TrackMania ² Stadium are available on Valve’s platform. You can already buy TrackMania² Canyon for $19.99 there. New blocks have just been added, so it’s a perfect time to get back on track and invite your friends to join in.

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The Beta 3.0 RC1 is out!

Hello everyone,

A new patch for ShootMania is out now, the Beta 3! And there will be big changes.

Firstly a new gamemode is available is in ShootMania Storm : Realm. Realm is a team-based mode where the goal where the goal is to control the most part of the poles on the map to activate the timer (and to keep it activated). A team where his time reach 0 go to the finalist mode. If the team has the major part of the poles without one being contested, the team wins the round.

At the beginning of the next round, the spawns are inverted, the team having win the last round must win this one to earn a point. If both team win a round, then it starts all again but with a half timed timer. Take note that the respawns are more slower with the time.

Here is the others majors changes:

  • Gameplay: Instant reload of half an ammo when you +1
  • Land or water decorations, and 8 lighting moods instead of 4. Major textures update.
  • Elite matchmaking with lobbies.
  • In-game UI features, update and libraries. Markers can now be manialinks. Improved score tables.
  • Battle mode: Battlewaves renamed Battle. More information on atk/def score. Unique point of engagement.
  • Gameplay consolidation: more precise walljumps, more acceleration and constant jump from wetwood
  • The Charge Shot has been removed for the moment.
  • Updated autobalance function that takes into account the result of the last match.

On the Elite mode side, there is a major change, the defenders can now select their weapon between the rocket-launcher, the Nucleus and the Laser. If a defender chooses the Laser, the attacker will always locates him.

Following these changes, a new server option for the Elite Title is available for playing with the Beta 2.1 gameplay for the current competitions: Elite B2.

To read the complete changelog, please check the forum.

Enjoy this new patch and have fun!

Christmas Contest Winners announced!

Congratulations to all participants!

We received a ton of really nice and fun visuals for this contest!

We made a tough choice and here are the winners:


1st Place: Ronald from Netherlands for his wonderful Christmas Tree and sockets

2nd Place: Nicolas from Germany for his cars in his garden3rd Place: Anton from Sweden for his poem:

Put on your Christmas suite, drive that dangerous route.  When you crash with that car, it might leave you a scar or even worse, you might just say.. Au Revoir.

It doesn’t matter anymore, because I just did my choir. I cleaned my room then stepped on the gas, and everything became totally bad ass.

I put on my helmet it all went so fast; my wreck in the canyon wasn’t my last.
I pressed spacebar and started it over, this time with a Land Rover.

After countless of tries; I couldn’t believe my eyes.
There it was, the finish line, the trophy was all mine!

I want to end this silly poem by saying thank you, you guys at Maniaplanet will always be my ground crew!

Happy holiday’s dear friends, after all those crashes, I hope that I can make amends.
Best wishes,


1st Place: Paul from Florida for his maps edited “Happy Holidays”

2nd Place: Evan from Minnesota for his ingame Santa Car

3rd Place: DanoDude from Australia for his Christmas screenshots

You’ll receive your swag bags worth of $50 and your free game copy in the coming weeks! Congratulations and we hope you had the best holidays!

Happy New Year! Check out your inbox for ShootMania.

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you had a good holiday. We wish you all the best in 2013 (2012 was not the end of the world)!

For ManiaPlanet®, 2013 ushers in the release of ShootMania®: Storm followed by two upcoming TrackMania2 titles.

To celebrate the New Year, we will be sending out ShootMania: Storm Beta 2 invitations to everyone who signed up via the official website before 7 pm GMT yesterday at!

Those who signed up after the deadline will be invited to participate in the final beta! If you’re interested in registering for the final beta, you have until 1/16/2013 to sign up at

This will not affect TrackMania² BETA signups. TrackMania² Stadium and TrackMania² Valley BETA sign ups will still be open.

Remember, it’s still possible to pre-order ShootMania: Storm with a discount through this link.

Welcome, new beta testers!

ManiaPlanet Christmas contest

Hello everyone,

Depending on the country you live in, you might probably be freezing or snow might be falling by now, but what is true for everyone is that Winter and specifically Christmas is coming!

As we love the Chrismas spirit, we thought it would be awesome to have you guys win swag and ShootMania keys. Yes, a full ShootMania key my friends!

As such we have organized a Christmas event! To participate, you need to send an email to (if you’re in Europe) or (if you’re in North America/Australia) with the title “Christmas Contest 2012 – *your nickname*” with any content related to ManiaPlanet and Christmas. You can use everything you want (screens, pictures, photos, videos, texts, memes, etc…), you can only send one email but you can insert maximum 20 submissions in it.

With your participation, please indicate your last name, first name, full address, phone number (to send you the package).

The contest begins today and will be over on Thursday December 27th at 11.59pm. A winner in each region will be selected shortly after the end of the contest and will receive one of the 3 swag package we have prepared for you and a full ShootMania key (which give access to the beta and release version)! Your participation may be also shown on the blog/Youtube/social networks!

You can find the full rules and list of prizing on the forums for the NCSA contest:

Thanks everyone to be a part of the ManiaPlanet adventure and have a nice holiday!