ManiaPlanet Christmas contest

Hello everyone,

Depending on the country you live in, you might probably be freezing or snow might be falling by now, but what is true for everyone is that Winter and specifically Christmas is coming!

As we love the Chrismas spirit, we thought it would be awesome to have you guys win swag and ShootMania keys. Yes, a full ShootMania key my friends!

As such we have organized a Christmas event! To participate, you need to send an email to (if you’re in Europe) or (if you’re in North America/Australia) with the title “Christmas Contest 2012 – *your nickname*” with any content related to ManiaPlanet and Christmas. You can use everything you want (screens, pictures, photos, videos, texts, memes, etc…), you can only send one email but you can insert maximum 20 submissions in it.

With your participation, please indicate your last name, first name, full address, phone number (to send you the package).

The contest begins today and will be over on Thursday December 27th at 11.59pm. A winner in each region will be selected shortly after the end of the contest and will receive one of the 3 swag package we have prepared for you and a full ShootMania key (which give access to the beta and release version)! Your participation may be also shown on the blog/Youtube/social networks!

You can find the full rules and list of prizing on the forums for the NCSA contest:

Thanks everyone to be a part of the ManiaPlanet adventure and have a nice holiday!