Happy New Year! Check out your inbox for ShootMania.

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you had a good holiday. We wish you all the best in 2013 (2012 was not the end of the world)!

For ManiaPlanet®, 2013 ushers in the release of ShootMania®: Storm followed by two upcoming TrackMania2 titles.

To celebrate the New Year, we will be sending out ShootMania: Storm Beta 2 invitations to everyone who signed up via the official website before 7 pm GMT yesterday at www.shootmania.com!

Those who signed up after the deadline will be invited to participate in the final beta! If you’re interested in registering for the final beta, you have until 1/16/2013 to sign up at www.shootmania.com.

This will not affect TrackMania² BETA signups. TrackMania² Stadium and TrackMania² Valley BETA sign ups will still be open.

Remember, it’s still possible to pre-order ShootMania: Storm with a discount through this link.

Welcome, new beta testers!