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Unleash the Storm, the Open Beta is launched!

Hello everyone,

It’s the big day, the ShootMania beta is now opened to everyone!SM Storm - FacebookTalk about it around you: everyone can now download the ShootMania Storm client, create an account without the need of a key, and join the game right away.

The Open Beta give access to most of the game modes (except Heroes, Royal Exp and Elite Exp), servers and maps. Some features will remain limited for the players on free accounts. You can unlock all of the features by pre-ordering the game at a discount on the official website.

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The Beta 3.0 RC1 is out!

Hello everyone,

A new patch for ShootMania is out now, the Beta 3! And there will be big changes.

Firstly a new gamemode is available is in ShootMania Storm : Realm. Realm is a team-based mode where the goal where the goal is to control the most part of the poles on the map to activate the timer (and to keep it activated). A team where his time reach 0 go to the finalist mode. If the team has the major part of the poles without one being contested, the team wins the round.

At the beginning of the next round, the spawns are inverted, the team having win the last round must win this one to earn a point. If both team win a round, then it starts all again but with a half timed timer. Take note that the respawns are more slower with the time.

Here is the others majors changes:

  • Gameplay: Instant reload of half an ammo when you +1
  • Land or water decorations, and 8 lighting moods instead of 4. Major textures update.
  • Elite matchmaking with lobbies.
  • In-game UI features, update and libraries. Markers can now be manialinks. Improved score tables.
  • Battle mode: Battlewaves renamed Battle. More information on atk/def score. Unique point of engagement.
  • Gameplay consolidation: more precise walljumps, more acceleration and constant jump from wetwood
  • The Charge Shot has been removed for the moment.
  • Updated autobalance function that takes into account the result of the last match.

On the Elite mode side, there is a major change, the defenders can now select their weapon between the rocket-launcher, the Nucleus and the Laser. If a defender chooses the Laser, the attacker will always locates him.

Following these changes, a new server option for the Elite Title is available for playing with the Beta 2.1 gameplay for the current competitions: Elite B2.

To read the complete changelog, please check the forum.

Enjoy this new patch and have fun!

Welcome to Beta 2.1!

Hello everyone,

As stated yesterday by Hylis, the Beta 2.1 is now out! As usual you only need to start ManiaPlanet to update it.

The Beta 2.1 update featured:

  • Improvements of the ManiaPlanet User Interface
  • ManiaHome is back inside each Title and will display the information about the current Title (for example if one of your friend beat your time in TrackMania, you’ll not see this notification on your ShootMania feed)
  • ManiaHome will have a featured news area at the top of the feed which will display the messages with medias (images or .bik (video))
  • Sounds improved
  • Change about +0 (+0 is activated after 400ms)
  • More blocks
  • TrackMania skins fixed

A detailed changelog is visible on this image:Have fun!

ShootMania opens its Beta

Hi everyone,

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the official release of ShootMania, and that is why we are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone this release until the 10th of April 2013, allowing us more time to polish the game and open it to even more players during the beta phase.

We want ShootMania to be a huge success for all of you who believe and support this project since the very beginning, and we want to take the time and resources required to reach this level of success. For this, we have decided to go to the players all over the world, and invite them in a grand open beta phase starting on the 12th of February and lasting up until the release date in April.This extra time, as well as the feedback of even more players, will give us the opportunity to work more on the tweaks and innovative updates in the planning for the game. During this additional time, we will work hard on delivering the best gaming experience to the passionated ShootMania and TrackMania communities.

I would like to particularly thank all the players who support the project since the very first alpha and beta phases, and hope that you will understand this difficult and important decision that we have taken.

More is coming on ManiaPlanet, but first, see you tomorrow on ManiaPlanet for the update to version 2.1 !


Happy New Year! Check out your inbox for ShootMania.

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you had a good holiday. We wish you all the best in 2013 (2012 was not the end of the world)!

For ManiaPlanet®, 2013 ushers in the release of ShootMania®: Storm followed by two upcoming TrackMania2 titles.

To celebrate the New Year, we will be sending out ShootMania: Storm Beta 2 invitations to everyone who signed up via the official website before 7 pm GMT yesterday at www.shootmania.com!

Those who signed up after the deadline will be invited to participate in the final beta! If you’re interested in registering for the final beta, you have until 1/16/2013 to sign up at www.shootmania.com.

This will not affect TrackMania² BETA signups. TrackMania² Stadium and TrackMania² Valley BETA sign ups will still be open.

Remember, it’s still possible to pre-order ShootMania: Storm with a discount through this link.

Welcome, new beta testers!

Last IPL5 Qualifier airs tonight at 6pm PDT

The IPL5 Qualifiers have been going on for a few weeks now and we have seen incredible matches, awesomes skills, shoots, comebacks, topshots, etc

Tonight, last IPL5 qualifier final goes down and we’ll know which last team will be sent out to Las Vegas for the $100,000 ShootMania tournament.

Make sure to tune in on http://www.twitch.tv/iplshootmania to watch it live at 6pm PDT.

Follow IPL blog with an article on Competing Live by GoldenBoyFTW.

You can also follow the ShootMania Daily News on Youtube.

See you soon for more Competition info!

Get your FREE admission to IPL5 now!

Hi all!

A lot of exciting things happened last week with Beta2 new moves, grappling hook and tile-sets announcement along with release date announcement for 01.23.2013.

But there is even more things coming up for ShootMania!

First of, you can get your free Admission ticket to IPL5 in Las Vegas end of this month, only by entering this promo: http://www.ign.com/ipl/all/ipl-5/promo. It is for a limited time only! Just like us on FB, follow us on Twitter and you’re all set! It is definitely worth it.

Then, make sure to check out the IPL ShootMania Daily News. You can get a free copy of Assassin’s Creed III and today is the last day for it!

This week will be the last Qualifier for IPL5 and we’ll know who the teams will be by Friday. Tune in to see the matches at http://shootmania.ign.com/

Finally, we know which team has been invited at IPL5 to participate in the $100,000 ShootMania tournament! Check out the article on IGN.

This is just a glimpse of all the amazing events happening in ShootMania. Stay tuned for more really soon!

ShootMania Storm Beta 2 & release date

Hi everyone,

We have excellent news to share with you today. The first one is that the Beta 2 of ShootMania Storm will come in December, adding lots of improvements to the game, including new gameplay mechanics and new blocks.

And to better illustrate this, here’s a small teaser of what’s to come:

And the most awaited news, we have a release date for ShootMania Storm! Of course, ShootMania, as do all ManiaPlanet titles, will continue to evolve over time after launch and be updated by Nadeo, but you can get ready to enjoy the release version of the game on January 23, 2013.

This means that if you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, you have until that date to benefit from the pre-order exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of ShootMania Storm here.

See you very soon on the Beta 2 and for more information about ShootMania!