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It’s time to go in the Valley!

Hello everyone,

You were waiting for it and it’s available. You can now play TrackMania² Valley!TM2 Valley - Available Now v2 - Slide

Welcome to the country-style environment with Valley where you’ll be able to drive in a beautiful European landscape with birds flying near the roads!

With Valley you’ll find a driving-style between arcade and simulation where the speed can be your enemy. Much skill will be needed to be in the highest ranks of the ladder!

Of course Valley comes with many features like:

  • A new rally-style handling

  • A new 65-tracks solo campaign

  • A brand new set of blocks dedicated to this environment and including for the first time in the TrackMania² history dynamic objects like a “bird road block” and the “windmill block”.

You will also have access to many tools like the map editor, a replay editor, the possibility to import 3D objects, and create custom gamemodes for example.

Florent Castelnérac, Nadeo founder and and Managing Director said:

Making a racing game, is going the fastest from point A to point B. But to make a solid one, there are many areas to master, such as 3D engine, multiplayer, physics, UGC, gameplay, sounds, graphics, level design and more.

With Valley, we started five years ago. It was supposed to be the first installment in Trackmania². But our target to get a specific balance between realism and arcade, immersion and fun, was so difficult to achieve that we had to change our mind, take our breath, and make other works. It turned out to be a really efficient move. Today, I hope that the 65 tracks of the solo campaign will demonstrate how well the Nadeo team finally made it.

For me, Valley is the closest to what I dreamed a classic rally arcade racing gaming could be in modern times. A feel of freedom, fear of speed, immersion and fun. And, I really hope you will all enjoy it,”

And to celebrate this completely new environment, TrackMania² Valley will be 10% off until Monday!

So head over to the ManiaPlanet Store to enjoy this offer. Note also that the game is available on Steam and Uplay. Please note that you can redeem your GamesPlanet and Uplay key on Steam.

Have fun and see you on the tracks!

TrackMania² Stadium is now released!

Hello everyone,

After a sucessful and very fun Open Beta phase, it is time today to release TrackMania² Stadium!


This new version of the Stadium environment comes to ManiaPlanet with several improvements:

  • a new engine which features a better graphics and a better light engine

  • a brand new solo campaign made of 65 tracks

  • 20 new blocks

  • the ability to import 3D objects (like blocks),

  • The ability to create new gamemodes thanks to the powerful ManiaScript

  • An improved map editor and replay editor


All these improvements are available in the new TrackMania² Stadium for only $9,99/9,99€ on our shop (the keys are Steam enabled).

If you are a TrackMania creator or player, you’ll be pleased to know that you can import your tracks, car skins and 3D models from Nations Forever to TrackMania² Stadium.

Don’t hesitate and jump into the Stadium experience to see the difference for yourself!

Have fun and see you on the servers!

ShootMania opens its Beta

Hi everyone,

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the official release of ShootMania, and that is why we are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone this release until the 10th of April 2013, allowing us more time to polish the game and open it to even more players during the beta phase.

We want ShootMania to be a huge success for all of you who believe and support this project since the very beginning, and we want to take the time and resources required to reach this level of success. For this, we have decided to go to the players all over the world, and invite them in a grand open beta phase starting on the 12th of February and lasting up until the release date in April.This extra time, as well as the feedback of even more players, will give us the opportunity to work more on the tweaks and innovative updates in the planning for the game. During this additional time, we will work hard on delivering the best gaming experience to the passionated ShootMania and TrackMania communities.

I would like to particularly thank all the players who support the project since the very first alpha and beta phases, and hope that you will understand this difficult and important decision that we have taken.

More is coming on ManiaPlanet, but first, see you tomorrow on ManiaPlanet for the update to version 2.1 !


ShootMania Storm Beta 2 & release date

Hi everyone,

We have excellent news to share with you today. The first one is that the Beta 2 of ShootMania Storm will come in December, adding lots of improvements to the game, including new gameplay mechanics and new blocks.

And to better illustrate this, here’s a small teaser of what’s to come:

And the most awaited news, we have a release date for ShootMania Storm! Of course, ShootMania, as do all ManiaPlanet titles, will continue to evolve over time after launch and be updated by Nadeo, but you can get ready to enjoy the release version of the game on January 23, 2013.

This means that if you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, you have until that date to benefit from the pre-order exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of ShootMania Storm here.

See you very soon on the Beta 2 and for more information about ShootMania!