The Beta 3.0 RC1 is out!

Hello everyone,

A new patch for ShootMania is out now, the Beta 3! And there will be big changes.

Firstly a new gamemode is available is in ShootMania Storm : Realm. Realm is a team-based mode where the goal where the goal is to control the most part of the poles on the map to activate the timer (and to keep it activated). A team where his time reach 0 go to the finalist mode. If the team has the major part of the poles without one being contested, the team wins the round.

At the beginning of the next round, the spawns are inverted, the team having win the last round must win this one to earn a point. If both team win a round, then it starts all again but with a half timed timer. Take note that the respawns are more slower with the time.

Here is the others majors changes:

  • Gameplay: Instant reload of half an ammo when you +1
  • Land or water decorations, and 8 lighting moods instead of 4. Major textures update.
  • Elite matchmaking with lobbies.
  • In-game UI features, update and libraries. Markers can now be manialinks. Improved score tables.
  • Battle mode: Battlewaves renamed Battle. More information on atk/def score. Unique point of engagement.
  • Gameplay consolidation: more precise walljumps, more acceleration and constant jump from wetwood
  • The Charge Shot has been removed for the moment.
  • Updated autobalance function that takes into account the result of the last match.

On the Elite mode side, there is a major change, the defenders can now select their weapon between the rocket-launcher, the Nucleus and the Laser. If a defender chooses the Laser, the attacker will always locates him.

Following these changes, a new server option for the Elite Title is available for playing with the Beta 2.1 gameplay for the current competitions: Elite B2.

To read the complete changelog, please check the forum.

Enjoy this new patch and have fun!