Welcome to Beta 2.1!

Hello everyone,

As stated yesterday by Hylis, the Beta 2.1 is now out! As usual you only need to start ManiaPlanet to update it.

The Beta 2.1 update featured:

  • Improvements of the ManiaPlanet User Interface
  • ManiaHome is back inside each Title and will display the information about the current Title (for example if one of your friend beat your time in TrackMania, you’ll not see this notification on your ShootMania feed)
  • ManiaHome will have a featured news area at the top of the feed which will display the messages with medias (images or .bik (video))
  • Sounds improved
  • Change about +0 (+0 is activated after 400ms)
  • More blocks
  • TrackMania skins fixed

A detailed changelog is visible on this image:Have fun!