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Last IPL5 Qualifier airs tonight at 6pm PDT

The IPL5 Qualifiers have been going on for a few weeks now and we have seen incredible matches, awesomes skills, shoots, comebacks, topshots, etc

Tonight, last IPL5 qualifier final goes down and we’ll know which last team will be sent out to Las Vegas for the $100,000 ShootMania tournament.

Make sure to tune in on http://www.twitch.tv/iplshootmania to watch it live at 6pm PDT.

Follow IPL blog with an article on Competing Live by GoldenBoyFTW.

You can also follow the ShootMania Daily News on Youtube.

See you soon for more Competition info!

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Hi all!

A lot of exciting things happened last week with Beta2 new moves, grappling hook and tile-sets announcement along with release date announcement for 01.23.2013.

But there is even more things coming up for ShootMania!

First of, you can get your free Admission ticket to IPL5 in Las Vegas end of this month, only by entering this promo: http://www.ign.com/ipl/all/ipl-5/promo. It is for a limited time only! Just like us on FB, follow us on Twitter and you’re all set! It is definitely worth it.

Then, make sure to check out the IPL ShootMania Daily News. You can get a free copy of Assassin’s Creed III and today is the last day for it!

This week will be the last Qualifier for IPL5 and we’ll know who the teams will be by Friday. Tune in to see the matches at http://shootmania.ign.com/

Finally, we know which team has been invited at IPL5 to participate in the $100,000 ShootMania tournament! Check out the article on IGN.

This is just a glimpse of all the amazing events happening in ShootMania. Stay tuned for more really soon!

IPL5 $$100,000 Tournament latest Update!

IPL5 schedule gets a little twist this week!

Round of 32, Round of 16 and Round of 8 will all be played tonight for the 3rd NA Qualifier @6pm PDT on IPLShootMania. Semi-finals and Finales will happen tomorrow @6pm PDT. Target Practice will take place on Wednesday, just for this week. Community Night will be Thursday as usual hosted by GoldenBoyFTW.

Here is a video presentation of Alex Mendez, alias GoldenBoyFTW.

Make sure to check out all past tournaments and the latest rundown on  IPL Youtube Channel.

Play ShootMania!

IPL5 $$100,000 Tournament Update!

There has been a ton of US/EU exciting matches happening in the last few weeks on ShootMania! We already know nearly half of the teams that will be competing over at IPL5 in Las Vegas in one month to maybe win $100,000!

Check out the qualifiers’ rundowns up until now: US Qualifier 1EU Qualifier 1EU Qualifier 2

The current fourth qualifier is happening this week. You can tune in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm PDT  to follow the rounds at IPLShootMania.

You can find all info about the tournament itself to participate or just watch on IPL.

Tonight, tune in for Target Practice Episode 4 by AskJoshy at 6pm PDT on Twitch.TV: http://shootmania.ign.com/

Long live ShootMania!