Let’s go to the ManiaGala at the Gamers Assembly!

Hello everyone,

Today we have some good news to share with you about the Gamers Assembly !MP-press

Let’s start with the ManiaPlanet tournaments: there will be six tournaments during the Gamers Assembly 2013, taking place in Poitiers, France from March 30th to April 1st.

Four majors tournaments (a player or a team can register to a tournament):

  • A ShootMania Elite 24 slots tournament

  • A ShootMania Royal 32 slots tournament

  • A TrackMania² Canyon 24 slots tournament

  • A TrackMania² Stadium 24 slots tournament!

For the first time ever, TrackMania² Stadium will be unveiled to everyone in competition during this great event (more information about it will arrive very soon)!

There will be a ShootMania Joust and a TrackMania United Forever tournament. To register to these additional tournaments, you must attend on-site in the ManiaPlanet area.

Each tournament will be largely rewarded. The prize details will be announced a little later, yet we can already tell you that for the four majors tournaments quoted above, an Alienware X-51 PC Gamer (valued at 1209€) goes to the winners.Alienware X51 Desktop

For the first time, participate in ManiaGala, a new ManiaPlanet event focused on the creative spirit and fun of our games and it’s opens to all! Discover gamemodes created by the community, unusual maps, our favorites minigames and much more!.

Everyone is welcomed! Rewards and medals will be distributed to the attendees and to the winners.

That’s not all! To fully enjoy the tournaments, the most exciting TrackMania and ShootMania matches will be played in an exclusive area dedicated to ManiaPlanet. A great show for sure! A detailed schedule will be revealed later, but here is a little peek of what the amphitheater will have:

  • Matches Nadeo vs players

  • A conference with Hylis (director of the Nadeo studios) and with the players, on the development of the ManiaPlanet games.

  • A focus on the gamemodes created by the players

  • The direct broadcast of the IPL 6 live from Las Vegas

  • Medals ceremony of the ManiaGala

  • More surprises to come

For those who want to participate in the ManiaPlanet party and not the tournaments at the Gamers Assembly, advance ticket sales are available exclusively to the ManiaPlanet community.

This special offer is available on the GA website. These tickets give a VIP status to the players and will guarantee them a place in the ManiaPlanet amphitheater as well as the tournament area and mystery gifts.

We hope that you’ll be many!GA2013_update_EN_facebook

Don’t hesitate to talk about this ManiaPlanet party on the forum or introduce yourself if you will be participating!