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Christmas Contest Winners announced!

Congratulations to all participants!

We received a ton of really nice and fun visuals for this contest!

We made a tough choice and here are the winners:


1st Place: Ronald from Netherlands for his wonderful Christmas Tree and sockets

2nd Place: Nicolas from Germany for his cars in his garden3rd Place: Anton from Sweden for his poem:

Put on your Christmas suite, drive that dangerous route.  When you crash with that car, it might leave you a scar or even worse, you might just say.. Au Revoir.

It doesn’t matter anymore, because I just did my choir. I cleaned my room then stepped on the gas, and everything became totally bad ass.

I put on my helmet it all went so fast; my wreck in the canyon wasn’t my last.
I pressed spacebar and started it over, this time with a Land Rover.

After countless of tries; I couldn’t believe my eyes.
There it was, the finish line, the trophy was all mine!

I want to end this silly poem by saying thank you, you guys at Maniaplanet will always be my ground crew!

Happy holiday’s dear friends, after all those crashes, I hope that I can make amends.
Best wishes,


1st Place: Paul from Florida for his maps edited “Happy Holidays”

2nd Place: Evan from Minnesota for his ingame Santa Car

3rd Place: DanoDude from Australia for his Christmas screenshots

You’ll receive your swag bags worth of $50 and your free game copy in the coming weeks! Congratulations and we hope you had the best holidays!