Do some Platform on ShootMania!

With the recent release of Maniaplanet 3 and the Universal Demo, you can now easily download and play for free to a great diversity of experiences.

For both Trackmania 2 and Shootmania, creators or players can easily share a setup to any player to install their favorite title. These titles can include new or customized maps, weapons, effects, moods, sounds, textures, gamemodes, map editor tools, ladder, replay editing, rankings etc.

And to showcase some of these new features, we are releasing a sample gamemode for Shootmania, called Platform. Platform, still in beta, is a mode where you must gather all the fuel and gold as quickly as possible by using your dexterity and skill to get the highest score. It has been designed to get you familiar with the various moves of Shootmania Storm in a simple solo experience before going online for battles on other titles of the same Universal Demo.


The simple mode will stay fully free for the summer and can be downloaded from

For Steam users, you can access it by installing the Shootmania demo:

In addition, we are releasing the source of this Title Pack, in that way you’ll be able to understand how structure your own Pack or if you want only to grab some code or assets of it. Please go to the forum to download the sources and feel free to ask questions about the pack:



The ShootMania Storm Universal Demo is released!

We’re happy to tell you that now it’s possible to play to ShootMania Storm for free from today with the Universal Demo!

We want that as many players as possible enjoy the ShootMania and the Maniaplanet experience at their best level. Which means that now you have access to the following features:

  • 3 multiplayer ranked modes: Battle, Elite & Siege

  • Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)

  • Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)

  • Custom Titles: solo & multiplayer innovative modes

Several improvements have been made to ShootMania the last months like a better netcode, many tweaks of gameplay, new blocks. It’s also possible now to embed 3D objects in the maps of any title!(1)

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise. Download the setup on

While you can play for free, you have also the possibility to buy, through Uplay, the ShootMania website or Steam, ShootMania Storm to unlock several features such as:

  • Unlimited play

  • Allow you to customize your nickname, horn and your character (both skins and 3D models)

Have fun and see you soon on the servers!


(1) Following several limitations.


The TrackMania² Universal Demo is released!

We’re happy to tell you that now it’s possible to play TrackMania² games, including TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania² Valley and TrackMania² Stadium, for free from today with the Universal Demo!

We want that as many players as possible enjoy the TrackMania² and the Maniaplanet experience at their best level. Which means that now you have access to the following features:

  • 45 white solo tracks

  • Access to the TrackMania² multi-environment title (Canyon + Valley + Stadium at the same time!)(1)

  • Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)

  • Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)

  • Up to 3 user made solo & multiplayer experiences

Several improvements have been made to TrackMania² the last months like the ability to use the Stadium car in the Canyon or Valley environments as well as the Canyon & Valley cars in the environment of each other. It’s also possible now to embed 3D objects in the maps of any title!(2)

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise. Download the setup on

While you can play for free, you have also the possibility to buy, through Uplay, the TrackMania website or Steam, one or all the TrackMania² games to unlock several features such as:

  • Unlimited play

  • Access to all the tracks of the campaign of the TrackMania² games (for the ones you have paid) which represent 195 tracks in total!

  • Allow you to customize your nickname, horn and your car (both skins and 3D models)

Have fun and see you soon on the servers!

(1) You can load Canyon, Valley and Stadium tracks on the same server.

(2) Following several limitations.


Introducing the ShootMania Storm “Power Up!” operation


This operation is three things: a start, a trip and a destination

The start is a first update to arrive within a week. The trip will be about multiple updates of the gameplay & rules, based on your feedbacks and our solutions. The destination is the goal I gave in Hello Planet #4 to have an indisputable FPS champion to welcome the noobs, gamers and competitors from around the world in the horizon of the beginning of 2015.

This start, trip and destination are going to mainly be on three elements: competitions, modes and gameplay


At the start, for the competition amateurs, we are setting up in place an evolution for the ladder. Competitions will be able to award ladder points directly to players through a tool on the Player Page. So, if someone would win on a regular basis some competitions, he will be first of the ladder without having to prove it in matchmaking. We want to start small, with simple communication with some competitions organizers.

The trip will then to update the rules, bring more automated systems like votes from high ranked players for high ranked competitions to decide of the number of points given to which competitions, enable to provide ladder points in a different ways depending of the level (an Echelon 7 competition to bring ladder points only to Echelon 7 and under) dealing with map packs etc.

The destination is to reach a situation where the ladder can represent the accurate level of the competitions. We made an earlier attempt of designing a complete and integrated system of competitions, but we believe that this destination is more agile and even compatible with automated system later.


There is two works for the modes. One is about the Nadeo modes and the other about making custom mode creation more powerful.

Custom modes
Modes are about the design of a macro game around micro actions. In order to help develop both, we are going to provide first versions of libraries in maniascript to help include the so common concepts of “class selection” and “class based bonus stores” The goal here is to reduce the time to make sophisticated modes while simplifying the collaboration between the amateurs, like by the use of action scripting to split the complexity of the whole. Meanwhile, the action maker will be improved during the trip in order to empower even more the creators to create more diverse power ups, like a grapple that works anywhere, beam weapons, jet packs or else.

Nadeo Modes
Power Up!” may have more modes improved during the trip, but here are the four we will start with, to go toward the destination of having the best modes for noobs, gamers and competitors.

Solo platform
At start, it will be closer to a ‘discovery’ missions to help get familiar with the core gameplay. At destination, it should be a good solo platform game that uses diverse power ups along the journey of the player. Various items, like elements to pick up in the maps, are being prepared or will be done in order to reach this goal. These items are likely to bring diversity to mode makers for their own, like the two firsts: fuel & gold. Fuel will represent the source of energy and gold, the source of credits, that could be used in other modes.

Multiplayer platform
The goal is to raise the current Obstacle discipline as much as possible to offer it a wider variety of actions while making it more solid for its very own foundations like quicker respawn at checkpoints. And it shall also have a more official perception since it will probably be the top ladder mode of the main Storm station, as racing represents the most popular single player discipline of the sport, and a cross genre reference in gaming through the speed run exercise. We are also preparing an item fire at, in order to enhance the solo, but also to make it possible to include shooting in the multiplayer experience. After, during the trip, we may also go toward cooperative actions to bring cooperative races.

This mode is my vision of the 5vs5 mode you can see in gaming, where each players have a more specific role, with matchmaking, items to buy, progression during the play of the map etc. While the basic RvL Siege will stay and be supported (the demo release will include some improvements) and enable to reach the top of the ladder, the Siege mode will be enhanced with new power ups, new balances and updates during the trip. And the goal is to reach a destination that is stable to avoid to expect players to learn again all the macro at each change.

In the next update, the « attack ratio » displayed in bottom right will be greatly improved. It is designed as a first element of statistic that could support the interest of the spectators, as well as for the players themselves. The attack ratio is the odds for an attacker, into a given situation (number of armors & defenders, at what time) to win the point. And the trip of “Power Up!” here is to innovate and move toward more, and good statistics. Elite has been designed to represent the skills of the FPS as pure as possible. It should feed of the popularity of all other modes, as the athletic expression of the micro required in them.


On the gameplay side, we constantly have to make the balance between players expression of desiring of more things and the benefit of stability. We know that when we change, it breaks so much of training and that it’s equivalent as if we were breaking creations. And even if we will let the previous gameplay accessible, like we would do for creations, we know that it’s less efficient to split players by having various gameplay among the same title on various servers. So, the target destination of Power Up! is to reach a really stable situation, with improved power into the gameplay. The trip will be to keep it opened for changes, even if it may break training and maps. It is a strong decision, but I believe we can win another level of quality thanks to this. In order to help the competitions, we will try to keep as much as possible both gameplays at the same time. And especially for Elite where the gameplay shall change with one version of delay, meaning that in next update it will not change, when the new one will be chose for the other modes by default. And here are the significant changes:

It will decrease more slowly when you are keeping your trajectory and speed, and more quickly otherwise. It will represent more the effort of change, and it will enable to move through long maps more efficiently without providing endless amount in fight. You will also lose stamina if you fall to quickly on the ground.

The freelook will enable to set a new target trajectory with strafe key and will provide a little zoom that will also adapt the tri-laser. The recommanded key is the spacebar that you will be able to bind directly from the system bar.

Instant action keys
Like the switch action keys from 1 to 4, two keys will be in the control key to set up actions to be used once, like the throw of a grenade that we made that prevent the opponent to use the weapon or stamina for some seconds. The recommanded keys are Q & E on a qwerty keyboards.

Walljumps will be higher than before to compensate the loss of the progressive power (and especially when combining them too quickly) You will no longer stick to the ground when activating the stamina at the latest before landing. The hitbox will less in the back of the players. The bobbing will be removed in the walk mode.


We made games that went to various competitions in the world, such as ESWC, ESL Pro Series or WCG. And I met many organizers from around the world. One from China was telling me that the rules are the most important things. One from Korea told me that violence should be removed from competitive FPS. One from France was telling me that a key would be to have a clear ranking. One from Germany was telling me that it was about the gameplay. But I know that the most important things today, in addition to all these subjects we work on, are that you need a lot of players. And this is why that while we work on these topic, we will also put strong efforts on the welcoming aspect of Shootmania and the long play that gamers seek to enjoy diversity of play style over athletic competitive FPS.

Feel free to talk about it on the forums!

Hello Planet #4

This is 2014, and this is the 4th edition of Hello Planet.

Someone at Ubisoft said that something is defined by its top priority, because when you make a decision, you do it with this priority in mind and must be ready to make some sacrifice for others things. I believe that our priority at Nadeo is about the amateur, for creation, sharing or competitions, and that our motivation comes from that we believe into them to be great at it.

And to reach the amateurs, we are soon going to release the universal demo. For them, it will mean to be able to release their own demo, for their own title, and this is why I believe that it is Nadeo most significant release ever.

The universal demo

It all starts when a player is positive about a game and invite someone else to play it. And our role is to empower them to make it as easy, comfortable and interesting as possible to invite them, thanks to 3 pillars: the accessibility, the diversity and quality.


With Maniaplanet 3, we had to make the distribution platform with some known features, like the Store, but with less known like the Content Delivery Network that save the bandwidth and improve the players quality experience when they want to get an amateur title, or to update the inside files to help manage new versions by creators and decrease download size for players.

Now, with the demo, players will be able to play for free, on any title, on the first 48h after the registration on Maniaplanet. After, it will be unlimited for titles with less than 100 concurrent players or one hour per day for the others. The access includes all multiplayer servers, all solo white maps of campaigns and all editors.

In addition, players will even have access directly to the titles you would like them to discover thanks to the universal setup to give a single download link for a setup that will suggest to create two shortcuts on the desktop: One will be for the Title you wish that will automatically install itself; The other is for Maniaplanet, where the 6 primary stations (Stadium, Canyon, Valley, Storm, Elite and Siege) and 3 empty stations for custom titles will welcome any new player.

And thanks to all this, we are finally reaching, after years of work, the goal to enable to have on Maniaplanet, the «do it yourself Nations»


With Maniaplanet 3, we made mixmapping, advanced items support, atmospheric settings or simply more blocks in Storm to enhance the mapping diversity.

With the demo, diversity is taking the biggest step in the last decade, since items will directly be usable in any title, as long as they respect some constraints, such as using the title materials or size limit. And with this, we expect even more items for title pack creators to have even more choices of items to add to their packs. And when a custom pack will add more textures, more items can pop up using them directly, since we are working to enable the mods of the custom items.

In addition, as with the mediatracker, it will be possible to edit directly the items parameters and so the actions inside of it.


Quality depends of many things like the maps, modes, titles, settings, network conditions, moderation, anticheat, services, interfaces, gameplay etc. But all of these depends mainly on 3 things: the system, the server and the game.

The game operating system has deeply improved with Maniaplanet 3. You can now reach the station menu directly from the home button in the system bar, you can browse servers from the overlay of stations or the buddy system keep your messages received when offline etc. These are works that required a lot of our time. For the demo, it was easier to go toward a more welcoming interface like a simple welcome frame and a more homogeneous interface style

The server is key since it is about a host that look to select quality, and part of the challenge of Maniaplanet 3 was to make the hosting of matchmaking simpler. It was a key step also to enable future expansion of Maniaplanet around the world, where others players can host in their country, in their own language, with their own choice of maps, with their own rules, server manager etc. And until then, for the demo, we will have a specific attention to host first servers where there is a need of an entry level of quality to welcome the players.

For the quality of the games, I expect both Trackmania & Shootmania to make gap thanks to the demo. For Trackmania, it shall greatly benefit from the accessibility to the Trackmania 2 title in demo, as well as track diversities thanks to the embedded custom items in maps, as well as the various great titles made by the community. And for Shootmania, which is still younger, a next big step will be to carry out an operation named “Power Up!” in memory of the first major update for Trackmania made for it’s international release.

Next Big Steps

Shootmania Storm “Power Up!”

This operation will start this week, with some key components such as gameplay update, competitions abilities to provide ladder points and works on major modes. After, it will be based on regular updates and adjustments up to next year. The goal is to have an indisputable FPS champion to welcome the noobs, gamers and competitors from around the world.


It’s still too early to talk. I can only say that the Nadeo team is bigger and stronger than ever to bring you these next steps and that being at Ubisoft helps us a lot to reach our vision. It is a great company, and thanks to it, the whole project is more ambitious than ever to go forward and toward progression of the games, us, you and all the others we expect to welcome one day into Maniaplanet.

Some of the current more popular games in the world originally comes from amateurs passion for innovation. These are are the ones that we all wish to see contribute since “amateur” comes from « love » and to love is just cool: end of story!



Maniaplanet 3 is available to everyone!

After 9 months (almost 10) of work, we are happy to tell you that the biggest update ever on Maniaplanet is finally out! A lot of things have been cooked and we’re now ready to give you most of them right now! Please note that this Maniaplanet 3 update is an early-release and all the content planned for this update will be fully released by end of June. Let’s see the major changes:

  • Maniaplanet as a better game operating system
    • Improved user interface for news, buddies & servers browser
    • A central store to easily explore & play user made titles
    • Improved support for custom data like 3D objects
    • Optimizations: CPU, GPU, loading times
  • Maniaplanet to allow more diversity for:
    • Modes: Thanks to many features for the script
    • Actions: thanks to a dedicated tool, the ActionMaker, including weapons fabrication AM_CustomProjectileTrail
    • Maps: Thanks to the ability to remove constraints from the editor (mix-mapping) MP3_mixmapping
    • Atmospheres: Thanks to mods or real time ambiance track
  • TrackMania upgrades
    • Multi-environments possible and a TrackMania 2 title with all modes (Canyon + Stadium + Valley)
    • Car-mixing possible in multi-environments title: select any TM² car in Canyon or Valley
    • Scripted mode all redone to open to even more custom modes
    • Solo: add ghost & medals to custom campaigns
  • Shootmania upgrades
    • Netcode: major improvement thanks to an innovative netvision layer
    • Gameplay: new freelook key (space key), progressive walljumps, more stamina, etc…
    • Many more gameplay blocks: teleport, force field & gates, slides, sound blocker, etc… SM_gameplay_blocks
    • Many more visual blocks: for bunkers, fences, woods, stones, walls, signs, etc…

And it’s just a part of what’s coming for Maniaplanet today, to read the full changelog, please  go to the forum. We want also to thank all the beta-testers for their great work, you’re awesome!

Stay tuned for more surprises in the coming weeks ;)

As bonus, here is some screenshots by the Community about the Maniaplanet 3 update:

The schedule of the Gamers Assembly

Greetings Maniacs!

This weekend (from 19 to 21 April 2014), the Gamers Assembly 2014 will be taking place for three days of competition and fun, featuring ShootMania and TrackMania.

ShootMania Storm was launched a year ago and it is a great privilege to meet you all to celebrate this first anniversary. Florent “Hylis” Castelnérac, Nadeo Managing Director and the ManiaPlanet Community Manager “Alinoa” will both be present.

This event includes:

1- Competitions :

  • ShootMania Storm : Elite, gathering 40 teams coming from all Europe
    The program is here playing the first match on Saturday at 1PM (French time) and the Grand Finale on Monday at noon.

  • TrackMania² Stadium : Time attack with 32 players
    The program is here featuring a first match on Saturday at 1PM and the Grand Finale on Sunday at noon (French time).

  • TrackMania² Stadium on Dirt : new feature for this edition of Gamers Assembly! For the first time, TrackMania will be played on Dirt environment. 24 players on the start line.
    The program is here featuring a Grand Finale on Sunday at 11AM right before the TrackMania² Stadium Finale.

All matches are live casted on Drakonia TV:

A big thank to Alienware and Sandisk for their support and prizes they grant the winners!


2- The gaming zone:


This year, Achat Mania and Nadeo have chosen to highlight ShootMania, featuring the 2 famous “Battle” and “Royal” gaming modes on Achat Mania booth.

‘Smoothie’ and ‘Tommy the Cat’, 2 members of the glorious Drakonia team and ‘Alinoa’ from Nadeo will be part on hand to talk with you about the game and give you small gifts.

3- Surprises :

At the opening ceremony of the Gamers Assembly, Florent ‘Hylis’ Castelnérac will take a few minutes to give you an overview of developments at Nadeo for ManiaPlanet!

Stay tuned on the GA web TV:

Live Gamers Assembly 2014 par gamersassembly

hop, hop ! Highly Saturday :-)

See you there at Poitiers or line!

Nadeo team

ESL: Two cups on TM² Stadium next weekend: RPG Cup and Nascar Cup


RPG Nightcup #6

ESL will be hosting a new RPG Cup on Saturday 15th Ferbruary at 20:00 CET. Signup open until 19:30 CET:

In order to take part in this Nightcup, you have to install the Trackmania 2 RPG Title Pack! Type in the Maniaplanet browser: TrackManiaRPG and click on “download”.


Nascar Cup #1

The first edition of the Nascar championship is starting on Sunday 16th February at 30:30 CET. Registration is over but you can follow matches on ESL.


Maniaplanet Update #3: Information


Hylis, the Nadeo CEO, has given information about the Maniaplanet Update # 3 on the maniaplanet forums.

The schedule would be the following one:

  • In March, one update based on making the existing game & system more solid, quick fixes updates after and starting the beta for the Action maker.
  • In April, for the first anniversary of Shootmania, release the universal demo maniaplanet.

The update content should be the following one:

  • most popular titles listed & simply downloadable
  • a better navigation interface (quick overlays on all station & calling the stations menu from anywhere)
  • improved Maniaplanet UI (buddies, loading time, quit/minimize shortcuts)
  • mixmapping & new blocs for Shootmania
  • action maker & improved AI capacities
  • NetVision, a layer over the netcode to have maximum speed of vision of other players in Shootmania
  • a small innovation into Shootmania gameplay that can ask some more skill to master
  • a simple new mode for TM2, made for the only multi-environment title that will support Maniaplanet 3 atm.
  • more capacities for items (lights, checkpoints)
  • more capacities for scripting (playsound, minimaps, optimizations)
  • universal demo (basically play 1 hour of SM per day for free or 3×20 mn of TM2, but that may change over time)

The goal is really to empower the players and to open the access to Maniaplanet to increase the number of players.

You can read the full message of Hylis on the maniaplanet forums and share your feedbacks on the forums.

The ESL TrackMania RPG NightCup #5 Goes Live This Friday



Greetings Maniacs!

This Friday, 31 January, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST the fifth ESL TrackMania RPG Cup will be taking place. The race will be on the TrackMania RPG track Wounder by Basbaas and can be downloaded HERE.

Signups are still available on the ESL site, so head over there and compete in one of the most creative community built titlepacks.

It will also be live streamed in English on Team Acer’s frostBeule’s Twitch.TV Channel, so you can still watch it even if you’re not in game.

For more information on the community created TrackMania RPG titlepack and how to download it, check out this awesome write-up on Mania-Actu.