Maniaplanet 4 Preview #4 – Shootmania

This week, we’ll be focusing on Shootmania and its new features brought to the game with the Maniaplanet 4 update. They will be giving players new actions and blocs allowing them to experience more diverse situations. In addition, creators will be able to use these new features by including them in their own game modes.

New weapons

New weapons will be available in Shootmania Storm and creators will be able to integrate them in their game modes. Note: The visual of weapon’s projectiles presented in this article is still work in progress.

The Golden Rocket is back. As a reminder, this weapon shoots rockets that bounce on different surfaces.

The Missile follows the player you shoot. Warning! There is no garanteed success. A good player with agility in motion will be able to avoid your missile.

The Hunter is dedicated to elimination. It will give you the possibility to radio control the projectile after you shot it.

The Scout is also radio controlled. You will use it for reconnaissance.

The Golden Laser is a variation of the basic one. It works the same way but causes a “splash damage” when it hits a surface.

The Shield is a uni directionnal shield allowing you to protect yourself and fire back your ennemy’s shoot (note: there is a glitch on the shield when it repulse a projectile at the moment of the writing of the article).


Turrets objects are fixed in the ground. They shoot players who find themselves in their field of vision. Turrets are divided in two parts (base and barrel) and both are customizable: you can create your own turrets designs.

New blocks

The Maniaplanet 4 update will bring two new blocks in Shootmania:

  • When using the magnetic “Power Path”, you will remain on the path, which will allow you to run upside down!

  • The “Nuclear Path” will allow you to automatically take the Nucleus weapon. This action is interesting for defending a zone for instance. However, the Nucleus will not be switched automatically anymore in underground sections.

Cars in Shootmania

Trackmania cars are coming into Shootmania. Your shootman will be able to go in/out from the cars. You will also be able to drive and eliminate them: by shooting the cars, you will damage them and finally make them disapear.

We hope you’ll like these new features and we are in a hurry to see how you will use them. It will be fun for sure! As usual, let’s meet in the forum for any question about this preview.

See you soon!