Maniaplanet 4 Preview #5 – Shootmania modes

Hello everyone,

This week, the preview enphasizes new ways to play Shootmania with Maniaplanet 4.

You’ll find:

  • a new game mode called Warlords
  • variants on existing game modes: XP and FUN mode variants will allow you to experience different styles of play.

And, this mode and these variants are only a few examples of what creators will be able to do with Maniaplanet 4.

XP mode Variants

With the XP mode variants, players will make their character progress.

For example, in the Royal XP mode, players will be able to get gold that will display on the map after the tornado starts moving. In the mode’s store, they will buy upgrades such as additionnal rockets and armors or items and strong weapons to be activated during a round. Players will also observe that their upgrades will be preserved between games thanks to a persistance specific to the XP modes.

FUN mode Variants

It’s unfair but fun! FUN variants highlight easy access and festive spirit. For example, in Royal FUN mode, players will get new weapons and random bonuses by collecting mysterious boxes on the map.


ShootMania Warlords is a new game mode created with the tools available in Maniaplanet 4. These tools are the same ones that will allow you to create your own game modes like Warlords.

Warlords is a turn-based, top-down view game. Players (2-6) fight to control the galaxy.


In each round, each player decides what action he wants to play (which planet to attack for example). Everyone’s choice is unveal when everyone is ready.

The goal in Warlords is to expand your empire by taking control on free planets and making opponents your vassals. Furthermore, each planet provides you with gold which will allow you to conquer planets or protect your own ones.


The planet the Warlord is coming from is his capital city. He absolutely needs to control it! In case of invasion, players will be sent into battle to take part in the defense or the defeat of the attacked Warlord. Each player must choose his side.


At that time, a Shootmania game is launched in a game mode close to Siege mode. You will find a store where you will be able to spend the gold acquired on the planets. This gold will give you advantage on the terrain. If your capital is taken, you then become the vassal of the victorious player.

Warlords is also supplied with an editor of galaxies to customize your games.


Use of Modules

In the third preview, dedicated to editors, we had already talked about modules allowing creators to simply add features to games modes.

Today, we’re gonna show how to code it. First, you need to create a module or download it from a community website. Then , you need to place it in the game mode folder.

In the example below, we declare the “HUD” module, created for the gamemode and integrating a store, at the beginning of the script:


Once the module is loaded, you can specify the consequences after the buying act of the player. For example, if a players buys a bonus, then he will get the bonus.

 switch (Event.Type) {
     case CUIConfigEvent::EType::OnModuleStorePurchase: {
         declare EventPlayer <=> GetPlayer(_Event.UIConfig);
         if (_Event.ItemUrl == "/Items/Nadeo/ArmorBonus.Item.Gbx") {
             EventPlayer.ArmorMax += 100;
         } else if (_Event.ItemUrl == "...") {
             // ...

See you in the forum or next year for a new preview, on TrackMania!
Meanwhile, we wish you a wonderful winter break!

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