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Maniaplanet upgraded, Trackmania² Lagoon out!

Hello everyone!

The maniaplanet system in now upgraded to its 4th version, hosting the latest entry in the Nadeo’s Trackmania² series: Trackmania² Lagoon.

This image below is a good summary of what has been done for Maniaplanet 4 since our June 2016 Hello Planet #6. The educational trailer made by Nadeo also gives you a brief overview.

We’re very happy to bring these new creative features to our game titles, such as the mesh modeler and the title maker and we’re looking forward to seing what you’re gonna make with them. With no doubt, you’ll surprise us again and again!

About Trackmania² Lagoon: the game is out too and available on steam, uplay and maniaplanet.  It takes you to tracks between fabulous palm trees and the crystal clear bay waters of the Tropical Island of Lagoon. You will experience arcade gameplay like never before in the series, an exclusive solo campaign and a new official team game mode.

Have fun, see you online ans stay tuned!

The Nadeo Ubisoft Team