Maniaplanet 4 Preview #7 – Channels

For the last preview, we introduce the key element of Maniaplanet 4: the channels.

Channels presentation

To explain them, we’ll draw a parallel with television. By the way, you’ll find common vocabulary: channels, programs, schedule, series, episodes.

A Maniaplanet channel is like a TV channel, offering a gaming schedule on night and day times. In Maniaplanet, you’ll find 2 channels: one for Trackmania and one for Shootmania. Each one of them will play specific programs based on the Titles of these 2 games. Players will be able to connect to these programs and play at a certain time of the day.


For the players

Channels will be the first thing you’ll see when you open Maniaplanet. In only one click, you’ll be able to play with other players by joining the running program of one of the two channels: Trackmania and Shootmania. You’ll also be able to chat with players on the channel.

At Maniaplanet launch, channels will be the only way to access the free multiplayer.
When you play on a channel, all Environments and Titles are available.

On the home page, you’ll also be able to access Channels’ Schedule. You’ll also have the possibility to add programs of you choice to your personnal agenda; this one will notify you before your program starts which will allow you to manage your time.


For programs creators

Creative players will be able to create programs in exchange for a contribution in Planets.
Each program is based on a Title-Pack. Also, like a serie, the program is divided into Episodes.

The program

When he creates a program, the creator will need to enter the following info:

  • Program Title
  • Program Description
  • Title-Pack Program
  • Tracklist played by the Program
  • Image presenting the Program



Once the Program is created, the creator will submit it to the Programming Direction (Nadeo) that will then create the first Episode. As a consequence, a conversation starts between the two parties to define the duration (between 30min and 2h30) and the date when the first Episode of the Program will be played on the channel. The creator will also be able to ask Nadeo to specificaly name his first Episode and the following ones:

For example:

  • Program Title: Canyon Time Attack
  • Episodes Titles: Ride the line#1 – Ride the line #2

With this Program & Episodes system, creators will be able to easily give appointments to players on a regular basis.


For the spectators

Spectators will also take part in the life of the channels.

Indeed, when an Episode is created, the Programming Direction can specify one or more stream links allowing players to join the Live by one click from the game (this will open the streamer’s Twitch page).


On future new Maniaplanet website, spectators and players will be able to see the schedule, watch streams and install Maniaplanet to join one of the running programs.


This was the last preview.

Thank you everyone for your attention all along this preview phase and see you soon for the Maniaplanet 4 Closed Beta!