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Maniaplanet Update #3: Information


Hylis, the Nadeo CEO, has given information about the Maniaplanet Update # 3 on the maniaplanet forums.

The schedule would be the following one:

  • In March, one update based on making the existing game & system more solid, quick fixes updates after and starting the beta for the Action maker.
  • In April, for the first anniversary of Shootmania, release the universal demo maniaplanet.

The update content should be the following one:

  • most popular titles listed & simply downloadable
  • a better navigation interface (quick overlays on all station & calling the stations menu from anywhere)
  • improved Maniaplanet UI (buddies, loading time, quit/minimize shortcuts)
  • mixmapping & new blocs for Shootmania
  • action maker & improved AI capacities
  • NetVision, a layer over the netcode to have maximum speed of vision of other players in Shootmania
  • a small innovation into Shootmania gameplay that can ask some more skill to master
  • a simple new mode for TM2, made for the only multi-environment title that will support Maniaplanet 3 atm.
  • more capacities for items (lights, checkpoints)
  • more capacities for scripting (playsound, minimaps, optimizations)
  • universal demo (basically play 1 hour of SM per day for free or 3×20 mn of TM2, but that may change over time)

The goal is really to empower the players and to open the access to Maniaplanet to increase the number of players.

You can read the full message of Hylis on the maniaplanet forums and share your feedbacks on the forums.

Important Update Regarding the North American ESWC Qualifiers

Attention North American Players!

We have a very important announcement in regards to the North American ESWC Qualifying Tournament. Beyond Gaming has recently made some changes to the number of rounds and dates for ShootMania Qualifying tournament:

The last chance to qualify for the Finals Round will be on Friday, September 20th beginning at 7:00 PM EDT.

In addition to the four teams who have qualified in previous rounds, three additional teams who have actively competed in the Beyond Gaming event will be seeded into the Finals. This decision was made based on feedback from the players, as well as a joint decision between Ubisoft and Beyond Gaming in order to foster the best level of competition and to maintain the integrity of the tournament.

Sign-ups are still open for the last qualifying spot.

Additionally, the date for the finals round has been changed as well. The Round of 8 will begin on October 7th, with the Grand Finals match scheduled to broadcast on October 12th as part of The Next Level coverage at New York Comic Con. Additional details regarding the livestream will be made available closer to date of the Grand Finals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the Beyond Gaming Admins via the Beyond Gaming ESWC North American Qualifier page, or by contacting BeyondBadger directly at: Jason@BeyondGaming.com

Thank you, and good luck to the rest of the competing teams!

New update!

Hello everyone,

A new update is now available for (mainly) ShootMania Storm! One of the noticeable additions is the Arrow platform, where you can use the “Arrow” weapon which was featured in the Combo title pack. You are now able to add this weapon to all your maps, new and old.

The patch  also features:

  • The Arrow platform is now available for all modes (block 1-8-6)

  • ShootMania: Imports characters skins (3D Models)

  • ShootMania: Create item & dynamic objects

  • ShootMania: New features for the scripts

  • ShootMania: More bots controls

  • ShootMania: New items / objects api and features.

  • ShootMania: Mousewheel to change actions / weapons

  • ShootMania: New Storm blocks

  • Stadium: Stadium blocks adjustments for upcoming blocks

  • Editor: Improved underground edition mode

  • MediaTracker: Record ghost from the MT

There is also many bufixes all around ManiaPlanet!

You only need to launch the game to apply the update.

Have fun!

Welcome to Beta 2.1!

Hello everyone,

As stated yesterday by Hylis, the Beta 2.1 is now out! As usual you only need to start ManiaPlanet to update it.

The Beta 2.1 update featured:

  • Improvements of the ManiaPlanet User Interface
  • ManiaHome is back inside each Title and will display the information about the current Title (for example if one of your friend beat your time in TrackMania, you’ll not see this notification on your ShootMania feed)
  • ManiaHome will have a featured news area at the top of the feed which will display the messages with medias (images or .bik (video))
  • Sounds improved
  • Change about +0 (+0 is activated after 400ms)
  • More blocks
  • TrackMania skins fixed

A detailed changelog is visible on this image:Have fun!

ManiaPlanet / ShootMania Beta 2 now available!

Great news today, ShootMania Beta 2 is available!

After several months of intense work, we’re proud to release this new patch, the biggest since the launch of the Beta, which brings lots of new features inside ManiaPlanet and also in ShootMania.

Here are the major changes:

  • Partial revamp of the ManiaPlanet user interface (3D Menus, removal of the ManiaHome tablet)

  • Integration of a real time messaging system for friends

  • Addition of a team creation & official competitions system

  • Addition of a tournament system

  • TwitchTV integration (in Beta). To use it just open the ingame options -> “Broadcast” and fill in your TwitchTV credentials. Please note that this feature is in Beta, Your framerate may drop and you can experience a freeze at the disconnection.

There is also lots of changes on ShootMania Storm:

  • 60 new blocks including Castle, Wood, Aerial Power Path and Grappling Hook blocks.

  • New actions:

    • Grappling hook: it allows you to hook up on hook block and balance yourself in the air. To do it you must aim the hook block and right-click to activate it. You can’t use it from a Power Path but you can’t fire while hanging from the hook block.

    • Charge Shot: it’s an alternative fire mode of the Rocket Launcher which allows you to fire bouncing rockets (which bounce on any block type). To shot a bouncing rocket, you must stay still at least 6 seconds to load the Charge Shot. A Charge Shot bounces maximum twice.

    • Slide: only possible on the wooden blocks, it’s an action which allow you to gain more speed with right-click. If you release the button, you’ll jump.

  • New moves (like the WallJump, the progressive jump and lasers denying rockets)

  • Addition of a matchmaking system for 1vs1 (Joust mode only)

  • The Royal game mode is available as a Title Pack.

  • Addition of a Title Pack “Royal Exp” which will be used to test the next evolutions of the Royal game mode

  • The Title Pack “Elite Exp” will use the former gameplay for the current competitions

Of course many more changes have been made as well as bug fixes.

As you may have noticed above, a tournament and competition system is now in ManiaPlanet (in Beta). Thanks to this system, you’ll be able to easily create a competition with several parameters (competition open or on invitations, maps used, the rules, the number of teams, the area of the competition, etc… For more information about the competition system, please read this link.

Finally, let’s take a sneak peak on what’s coming up on ManiaPlanet before the ShootMania Storm release:

  • An Inter-ladder structure and simplified server level types (White / Green / Blue / Red and Black)

  • Simplified transactions to convert & purchase with your economical points directly

  • Improving the matchmaking system (the current one and open it for custom tools as well as doing X vs X)

  • Lan mode for ShootMania Storm and Lan mode back for TrackMania² Canyon

  • Several optimizations, polish and much more (new features for example)

ManiaPlanet & ShootMania are getting better and we hope you’ll like the new changes. If you want to read the full changelog, please go to the forums.

Have fun and see you soon!

ShootMania Storm Beta 1.3 update available!

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce a new update for ShootMania: Beta 1.3.

1. This update brings a new mode called “Elite Exp”. Thanks for helping us testing the modifications made to the Elite mode. We’ll gather your feedback in a week to give us the time to see what you are able to do with these novelties:

  • The ability to destroy rockets with the Laser (instant reload after a successful deny)
  • Laser Jump on Tech blocks (like Power Paths)
  • Wall Jump on Castle blocks
  • Analog jump (the more you press the jump button, the higher you jump)
  • A new toss system at the beginning of a map.
  • 3 rockets instead of 4 for the defenders
  • Increased stamina for the defenders

If you choose to play the standard Elite game mode, it remains available in ManiaPlanet.

2. For map and mode makers in ManiaPlanet, we have also made available new blocks for Storm.  It’s now possible in Elite (Exp) to add checkpoints to decrease the goal’s capture time.

And for those of you who are still hesitating towards using the level-editor, you can see in the following video thatit’s very easy to use:

Of course many others changes have been done, here is the full changelog.