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New update!

Hello everyone,

A new update is now available for (mainly) ShootMania Storm! One of the noticeable additions is the Arrow platform, where you can use the “Arrow” weapon which was featured in the Combo title pack. You are now able to add this weapon to all your maps, new and old.

The patch  also features:

  • The Arrow platform is now available for all modes (block 1-8-6)

  • ShootMania: Imports characters skins (3D Models)

  • ShootMania: Create item & dynamic objects

  • ShootMania: New features for the scripts

  • ShootMania: More bots controls

  • ShootMania: New items / objects api and features.

  • ShootMania: Mousewheel to change actions / weapons

  • ShootMania: New Storm blocks

  • Stadium: Stadium blocks adjustments for upcoming blocks

  • Editor: Improved underground edition mode

  • MediaTracker: Record ghost from the MT

There is also many bufixes all around ManiaPlanet!

You only need to launch the game to apply the update.

Have fun!