ManiaPlanet update #2 available!

Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce a new update for ManiaPlanet! Read more to see the full changelog.


  • Valley (release on 4th of July)

  • Car lights in very fast & fast configuration

  • Mediatracker: Car lights on/off in mediatracker + keys

  • IsMasterJump working (will look additions later)

  • Camera numbers on actions (1,2,3 key in addition to numpad)

  • Improved wheel support like dead zone configuration & separated axis for accel/brake.


  • New blocks:

    • Powerpath with Nucleus bunker structures

    • Rooftops wooden & sliding structures

    • Technical structures include new blocs and a power grapling hook

    • Cloister road without roof

    • Red platform with curved borders

    • Corresponding curved fences of red plateform shapes

  • Progressive micro boost for jump from static position

  • Force color improved (ping, switchs,spectator etc.)

  • Pings & nametags in replays

  • Mediatracker: Shield keys

  • Reload of stamina & weapon 30% faster on red plateforms, like the blue ones (powerpath)

  • When player is blocked in ‘holes’, he will be capable to jump quickly after

  • Eliminations made and taken are displayed in Elite scoreboard

  • Elite matchmaking: attacking order is based on LP (will soon include a way for allied to define their order)


  • Echelon system (0 to 9, nothing, bronze I,II,III, silver I,II,III, gold I,II,III) [first tests on Elite]

  • Improved lobby design [first tests on Elite]

  • Mediatracker undo/redo (ctrl+z / ctrl+y)

  • Custom settings in launcher (save as & quick menu)

  • Callvote commands (enable to callvote operations, like set score)

  • Hyperlink working on multiple lines

  • Chat hides itself after some seconds

  • Mediatracker: triangles2D fix

  • Chat typing sending keys to script fix

  • Can add lights to export of objetcs

  • Screenshot now JPG by default (F10 key)

  • Connected terraforming not taken instantly in map editor

  • Better auto-terraforming from blocks

  • Autosave of replay fixed

  • Option to concatenates replays

  • Freemouse in maniascript to enable user to use mouse

  • Manialink UI track possible in Mediatracker

  • Playsound in script (only for the included sound, it will arrive later for customs)

  • HttpRequests works in CMlScript

  • Xmlrpc for openlink

  • Manialink call to open quit server dialog

  • Graph UI item for Manialink

  • Batch video shooting

  • Lightmap computation working again from replay

  • Envmix header

  • Manialink resizes (it was possible to move the elements, not to change their size)

  • Improved texture memory management to improve 32b OS stability

You only need to restart ManiaPlanet to do the automatic update.

Enjoy this new update and don’t hesitate to let your feedback on the forum.

Have fun and see you soon for the release of Valley!