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Maniaplanet 3 is available to everyone!

After 9 months (almost 10) of work, we are happy to tell you that the biggest update ever on Maniaplanet is finally out! A lot of things have been cooked and we’re now ready to give you most of them right now! Please note that this Maniaplanet 3 update is an early-release and all the content planned for this update will be fully released by end of June. Let’s see the major changes:

  • Maniaplanet as a better game operating system
    • Improved user interface for news, buddies & servers browser
    • A central store to easily explore & play user made titles
    • Improved support for custom data like 3D objects
    • Optimizations: CPU, GPU, loading times
  • Maniaplanet to allow more diversity for:
    • Modes: Thanks to many features for the script
    • Actions: thanks to a dedicated tool, the ActionMaker, including weapons fabrication AM_CustomProjectileTrail
    • Maps: Thanks to the ability to remove constraints from the editor (mix-mapping) MP3_mixmapping
    • Atmospheres: Thanks to mods or real time ambiance track
  • TrackMania upgrades
    • Multi-environments possible and a TrackMania 2 title with all modes (Canyon + Stadium + Valley)
    • Car-mixing possible in multi-environments title: select any TM² car in Canyon or Valley
    • Scripted mode all redone to open to even more custom modes
    • Solo: add ghost & medals to custom campaigns
  • Shootmania upgrades
    • Netcode: major improvement thanks to an innovative netvision layer
    • Gameplay: new freelook key (space key), progressive walljumps, more stamina, etc…
    • Many more gameplay blocks: teleport, force field & gates, slides, sound blocker, etc… SM_gameplay_blocks
    • Many more visual blocks: for bunkers, fences, woods, stones, walls, signs, etc…

And it’s just a part of what’s coming for Maniaplanet today, to read the full changelog, please  go to the forum. We want also to thank all the beta-testers for their great work, you’re awesome!

Stay tuned for more surprises in the coming weeks 😉

As bonus, here is some screenshots by the Community about the Maniaplanet 3 update:

ShootMania Storm Beta 1.3 update available!

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce a new update for ShootMania: Beta 1.3.

1. This update brings a new mode called “Elite Exp”. Thanks for helping us testing the modifications made to the Elite mode. We’ll gather your feedback in a week to give us the time to see what you are able to do with these novelties:

  • The ability to destroy rockets with the Laser (instant reload after a successful deny)
  • Laser Jump on Tech blocks (like Power Paths)
  • Wall Jump on Castle blocks
  • Analog jump (the more you press the jump button, the higher you jump)
  • A new toss system at the beginning of a map.
  • 3 rockets instead of 4 for the defenders
  • Increased stamina for the defenders

If you choose to play the standard Elite game mode, it remains available in ManiaPlanet.

2. For map and mode makers in ManiaPlanet, we have also made available new blocks for Storm.  It’s now possible in Elite (Exp) to add checkpoints to decrease the goal’s capture time.

And for those of you who are still hesitating towards using the level-editor, you can see in the following video thatit’s very easy to use:

Of course many others changes have been done, here is the full changelog.