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TrackMania² Stadium enters Open Beta!

Hi everyone

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting this moment ever since we announced the comeback of Stadium at the Paris Games Week a few month ago, and now the time has come: today, TrackMania² Stadium enters Open Beta !Stadium - Open BetaThis new Stadium not only comes with a whole new solo campaign and new blocks, but it is now fully integrated into ManiaPlanet, allowing it to benefit from many new tools such as Title Pack creation, custom game modes, 3D object import, all the ManiaPlanet services (Team Manager, Competition Manager, ManiaLink, ManiaPub, etc.), not to forget the new lighting engine, and much more.

Just like for the ShootMania Storm Open Beta, free Open Beta accounts don’t gain any Planets while playing Stadium, their custom car skins aren’t shared on servers, and they do not get the official replays on the 15 tracks currently available in the solo campaign.

To get rid of these limitations, you can pre-order TrackMania² Stadium right away on the shop page and benefit from the 10% discount. By pre-ordering the game, you’ll automatically unlock the official replays for the solo campaign, along with getting rid of any other limitations. The total number of tracks in solo campaign will be 65 at release.

To jump into the Open Beta without waiting, you can download the client here and just log in with your ManiaPlanet account.

And as usual, we leave you with a little video to celebrate all of this:

Good game, and see you on the tracks !

ManiaPlanet goes full Steam ahead!

Hi everyone

As usual, when we have news, they’re big, they’re many, and they all come at the same time ! So let’s cut through the chase and confirm what many of you had guessed: ManiaPlanet is now available on Steam !MP - Now On Steam

Starting today, TrackMania² Canyon, ShootMania Storm and TrackMania ² Stadium are available on Valve’s platform. You can already buy TrackMania² Canyon for $19.99 there. New blocks have just been added, so it’s a perfect time to get back on track and invite your friends to join in.

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Unleash the Storm, the Open Beta is launched!

Hello everyone,

It’s the big day, the ShootMania beta is now opened to everyone!SM Storm - FacebookTalk about it around you: everyone can now download the ShootMania Storm client, create an account without the need of a key, and join the game right away.

The Open Beta give access to most of the game modes (except Heroes, Royal Exp and Elite Exp), servers and maps. Some features will remain limited for the players on free accounts. You can unlock all of the features by pre-ordering the game at a discount on the official website.

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The new face of the Storm

Hi everyone,

Today is an eventful day for ManiaPlanet, with the launch of the ShootMania Storm Open Beta. Before we unleash the hordes on the servers, we wanted to introduce you another change coming today: a change of skin, and this time, it’s the websites and logos that are getting a facelift !

Let us introduce you the new ShootMania look:Packshots - SMS KeyArt 2013As ShootMania grows bigger and reaches new territories, this new identity will help us introduce the spirit of competition of the game to more gamers around the world.

You can already download the early version of the fankit to create your own content with those visuals! >>

We hope you’ll like it, and see you in game !

Rocket Love!

Hello everyone,

This week, in addition to the start of Open Beta today, it is also the Week of Love!ValentineDayTo celebrate, we will be holding a small contest* from now until February 19th, 2013. The goal is simple: Immortalize your love for ManiaPlanet via a screenshot. Three winners will receive a free ShootMania Storm key and a swag bag valued at $20. Send your participation to with the subject “ManiaPlanet Love – YourName”, you can send as many screenshots you want. Remember to give us in the mail your name and your full address please.

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The Beta 3.0 RC1 is out!

Hello everyone,

A new patch for ShootMania is out now, the Beta 3! And there will be big changes.

Firstly a new gamemode is available is in ShootMania Storm : Realm. Realm is a team-based mode where the goal where the goal is to control the most part of the poles on the map to activate the timer (and to keep it activated). A team where his time reach 0 go to the finalist mode. If the team has the major part of the poles without one being contested, the team wins the round.

At the beginning of the next round, the spawns are inverted, the team having win the last round must win this one to earn a point. If both team win a round, then it starts all again but with a half timed timer. Take note that the respawns are more slower with the time.

Here is the others majors changes:

  • Gameplay: Instant reload of half an ammo when you +1
  • Land or water decorations, and 8 lighting moods instead of 4. Major textures update.
  • Elite matchmaking with lobbies.
  • In-game UI features, update and libraries. Markers can now be manialinks. Improved score tables.
  • Battle mode: Battlewaves renamed Battle. More information on atk/def score. Unique point of engagement.
  • Gameplay consolidation: more precise walljumps, more acceleration and constant jump from wetwood
  • The Charge Shot has been removed for the moment.
  • Updated autobalance function that takes into account the result of the last match.

On the Elite mode side, there is a major change, the defenders can now select their weapon between the rocket-launcher, the Nucleus and the Laser. If a defender chooses the Laser, the attacker will always locates him.

Following these changes, a new server option for the Elite Title is available for playing with the Beta 2.1 gameplay for the current competitions: Elite B2.

To read the complete changelog, please check the forum.

Enjoy this new patch and have fun!