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Information regarding the Beta!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the ShootMania Storm Beta is about to begin. To any player wishing to test the game, you have until the 2nd July 2012 to register.

To begin the Beta, all of the Alpha players will receive a 7-day Beta key. So it’s very important that all Alpha players have indicated a valid email in their ingame profile.

Now for the best part… Every player who has registered for the Beta on the official site will receive a 7-day ShootMania Storm Beta key!

But that’s not all, a new mode will also appear in the Beta : “Siege”, a 5 vs 5 competitive mode.

So to everyone interested in playing ShootMania Storm, register now at before it’s too late !

Finally, don’t forget to watch this short video from the Alpha and to look at the three new screenshots:

See you for the Beta and feel free to talk about the news on the forum!

ShootMania Storm at the DreamHack Summer

Hello everyone !

You have not heard the last from us on the FPS eSport scene! We are happy to announce that ShootMania Storm will be present at DreamHack Summer this year!

For this special occasion, we have decided to offer everyone attending DreamHack an alpha access and invite them to participate in a ShootMania Joust mode tournament.

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Race with your country! (updated)

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, there is a small football competition starting today 😉

To celebrate, we are releasing four new country skins: Poland, Greece, Russia and Czech Republic.

All these skins are available at the “ManiaPlanet Store” for free! More skins are coming… very soon!

Have fun supporting your favourites teams while racing in TrackMania² Canyon.

Discuss about it on the forum.

Updated: New country cars arrived: Portugal, Denmark and Netherlands!

Updated: Anothers country cars arrived today: Croatia, Italy, Spain and Ireland!

Updated: The last pack of country cars arrives today: England, Sweden and Ukraine!

Today watch ShootMania at the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

Hello everyone,

Don’t forget that today at 3pm PDT (6pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11.59pm CEST) the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference starts and will feature an exciting ShootMania showmatch between famous pro-gamers like veNema, marLa, SpawN, Stermy, Swifty and Ali.

Don’t miss the event and watch it live on the Ubisoft Youtube channel:

Final of the E3 tournament and E3 is coming!

Hello everyone,

After yesterday’s heated competition on, there are two victorious teams – “Mercenary Ops” and “Team YouTube Money“. Both teams have won tickets to the finals at E3 to compete!

These teams will have the privilege to play in the finals at E3 at the Ubisoft booth on June 6th at 11.00am PST (6.00pm GMT).

As we mentioned in a previous news post, there will be an exclusive showmatch between pro-gaming stars during the official Ubisoft E3 Press Conference on June 4th at 3.00pm PST (10.00pm GMT) on the Ubisoft Youtube channel.

And finally a live interview with Edouard Beauchemin (MrBob) will take place on on 5th June at 12.00am PST (7.00pm GMT)

So it’s a great agenda for E3 and we hope that you’re ready to follow it!

As always talk about it on the forum.

Opening of the ticket booth for SOPA Lan and one surprise

Hi everyone,

Now that the tournament is full for SOPA Lan (you can check out the attendees list on this link, there is big level :, the SNGT and Esport Université announce that the ticket booth for visitors is now avalaible on their website :

I recommend you to hurry up if you wish to have places because there will not be enough places for everyone.

But that’s not all because they have asked to 5 present personnalities to play a little game by filling the blanks of a text :

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