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Show your level at the Zotac Cup

Hello everyone,

Do you wish to show your level in TrackMania² Canyon? We invite you to register to the Zotac Cup which occurs each week-end and allows to win 100€ if you arrive first.

The next session will start tomorrow at 2pm CET and so it let you until tomorrow to register.

Good luck to all participants.

As always feel free to talk about it on the forum. Happy driving!

ShootMania Storm at the Gamers Assembly 2012

Hello everyone,

Last night the Nadeo staff attended the Gamers Assembly 2012 press conference, this was the official announcement to begin this years tournament. This was also the occasion to reveal the presence of ShootMania Storm at the Gamers Assembly 2012.

To celebrate this momentous event, 3 former champions and 3 stars of the current eSport scene competed in a showmatch of ShootMania Storm’s ‘Elite’ team mode. The showmatch was commentated by the talented Chips and Noi.

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ManiaPlanet Wiki is now open to everyone


We are very happy to announce the opening of the ManiaPlanet Wiki today. Nadeo recognizes you’re a dynamic and a very prolific community who never hesitating to share knowledge. So we have dedicated a page on the Wiki especially for you.

On the left sidebar you can see a “Community Articles” link, this is where you can find all the articles created by the community. The best articles could be integrated or added to the Wiki’s official articles (with your name in the credits of the article).

Also if you wish to participate in translating the Wiki’s official articles into German, Spanish and Portuguese, feel free to propose your help to us at this address :

Together let’s make ManiaPlanet Wiki the biggest knowledge resource for ManiaPlanet!

Thanks everyone!

Feel free to talk about it on the forum.

US skin now available

Dear American players, as the third biggest Community in terms of players in TrackMania², it’s now your turn to get your hands on the wheel!

We proudly offer you the US skin for the Canyon Car. It also includes a sticker pack to customize your vehicle, and the March calendar.

Happy driving.

Don’t wait and download it from this link or via the ManiaLink “ManiaPlanet-Store“.

As always, feel free to talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!

Brand new ManiaPlanet Websites and Player Page!

Dear community,

Discover the new ManiaPlanet Websites ecosystem! With updates on the ManiaPlanet site, the games sites and the revamped Player Page, we hope it will greatly improve the Web user experience of ManiaPlanet.

Here are the improvements on the Player Page:

  • New design, a lot more user-friendly.
  • ManiaHome Event feed.
  • Official news.
  • Bookmarks & favorite servers easilly accessible.
  • Downloading game clients no longer costs Planets.
  • Features from the former Player Page, the Developers Website and the Player Home are now gathered on one Website for a simpler experience.
There’s more on the ManiaPlanet Web ecosystem:
  • Brand new ManiaPlanet, TrackMania, ShootMania & QuestMania Websites.
  • Common toolbar where you can login, see your online buddies and join them in just one click.
  • Powerful search feature located on the toolbar to easilly get around the ManiaPlanet ecosystem.

Have fun and, as always, feel free to discuss on the forum.