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Brand new ManiaPlanet Websites and Player Page!

Dear community,

Discover the new ManiaPlanet Websites ecosystem! With updates on the ManiaPlanet site, the games sites and the revamped Player Page, we hope it will greatly improve the Web user experience of ManiaPlanet.

Here are the improvements on the Player Page:

  • New design, a lot more user-friendly.
  • ManiaHome Event feed.
  • Official news.
  • Bookmarks & favorite servers easilly accessible.
  • Downloading game clients no longer costs Planets.
  • Features from the former Player Page, the Developers Website and the Player Home are now gathered on one Website for a simpler experience.
There’s more on the ManiaPlanet Web ecosystem:
  • Brand new ManiaPlanet, TrackMania, ShootMania & QuestMania Websites.
  • Common toolbar where you can login, see your online buddies and join them in just one click.
  • Powerful search feature located on the toolbar to easilly get around the ManiaPlanet ecosystem.

Have fun and, as always, feel free to discuss on the forum.