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Brace yourselves, the “ShootMania 4 All” is coming!

Hi everyone,

ShootMania Storm is launching next week, on the 10th of April, and to properly celebrate this launch, we are happy to introduce you the “ShootMania 4 All” launch event !

On April 10th, players from around the world will be able to take part in a wide range of online and live events. ShootMania parties will be held in many countries such as the UK, Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, Ukraine and many more where gamers will gather in pubs and internet cafés to celebrate ShootMania in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Check out if there is an event organized in your area, and join it to meet other players, creators and eSports supporters.SM - SM4ALL - slide

If you can’t join the live events, Nadeo will be opening severs bearing the tag “S4A” and running both official and community-made game modes for everybody to enjoy together.

This celebration will be broadcasted in Europe by O’GamingTV who will show you what’s happening in the live events, and allow you to interact with them while in North America, the FragDolls will lead the dance !

To know more abouts the events, check out our ShootMania 4 All Launch Party page in the ManiaPlanet website.

See you soon for the Launch Event online or offline!

ShootMania Storm at the Gamers Assembly 2012

Hello everyone,

Last night the Nadeo staff attended the Gamers Assembly 2012 press conference, this was the official announcement to begin this years tournament. This was also the occasion to reveal the presence of ShootMania Storm at the Gamers Assembly 2012.

To celebrate this momentous event, 3 former champions and 3 stars of the current eSport scene competed in a showmatch of ShootMania Storm’s ‘Elite’ team mode. The showmatch was commentated by the talented Chips and Noi.

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