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TrackMania Community Interview TM Tube

Community Spotlight: TM-Tube

Greetings Mania(c)s!

Today we continue our Community Spotlight with X2X from TM-Tube!

We have been highlighting some of the most dedicated community websites and members all month long. These members and communities are the backbone of the ManiaPlanet family, and we are forever grateful for them and all of you out there.

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Sign Up For Beyond Gaming’s Next TrackMania Tournament

Philips Norelco Open


Greetings players!

Today we are announcing the next Beyond Gaming TrackMania Tournament starting on November 18th.

There will be 10 days of open races and the top 32 players will be invited to the Finals. Those 32 players will then compete in “Cup Mode” races get a chance to win the grand prize.

You will be able to win awesome prizes like an All-In-One Click & Style Norelco shaver. This probably won’t help you shave your lap times, but at least you’ll look good.

Enter here now & show off your skills!

ESL Celebrates TrackMania’s 10th Anniversary With Week Long Event: TM10 With ESL!

Trackmania ESL 10th anniversary

Starting from 10th November, you can be a part of ESL‘s most advanced match creation tool, VERSUS, where you can play short, intense matches in Stadium (tech, speed, dirt and nascar), Canyon (speedtech), and Valley (rally) environments!

On Sunday, 17th November, not less than 14 cups and other games and events are taking place to keep you busy all day!

You can win awesome prizes either by winning a cup, or playing the most matches in the VERSUS system. Also there are several other possibilities where you can collect some nice rewards even by being lucky…

Prizes are: Trackmania 2:Stadium full games, Maniaplanet T-Shirts, gameservers, gift cups, ESL premium keys for 1 Month, and many more!

In case you don’t have access to TM2: be our guest! We have numerous TM2:Stadium guest keys to give away, which will let you play for 30 days on any servers within Stadium! Far enough deal for being lucky and win a full key instead, right?

Check out our main news about TM10 and don’t forget to keep yourself updated via:

See you on on the events!

TrackMania Is Celebrating 10 Years With A Free Demo & Celebration Packages


To celebrate the tremendous creativity of the TrackMania community over the past 10 years, we are announcing today the TrackMania² Free Multiplayer Demo which you can download now.

As part of this, you will now be able to buy the Celebra10n TrackMania Complete Package, which includes TrackMania² Stadium, Canyon, Valley and the original TrackMania United Forever for $29.99 (or 29.99€). Buy it now here.

Additionally, you can now purchase the Celebra10n TrackMania² Package, which includes all three TrackMania² titles for $19.99 (or 19.99€). Buy it now here or on the Steam store.


Alongside these celebration packages, we announced the 10th Anniversary Creative Competitions last week that includes track, car, and video creation contests. The winners of the contests will have their submissions presented at our celebratory LAN streaming event [aka LANniversary] on December 14, 2013. We invite you all to participate and celebrate the TrackMania community.

The Past 10 Years

Over the past 10 years, the TrackMania community has grown and evolved in many ways. Sites like Mania Exchange, Mania Park, and countless others host creation contests, competitions, and weekly events. They are also host to a hugemungous database of track creations, car models, and videos that represent just the tip of the iceberg of community creativity. The recently added Steam workshop has also been a great source of creative designs for a new audience of players. All of these have helped TrackMania grow in different and new ways over the past 10 years.


It is rare that a game lasts 10 years in this industry. Think about it, 10 years ago Ben Affleck was celebrating the success of acting in Gigli, YouTube definitely wasn’t a thing, and Matrix Revolutions unfortunately was a thing.  It is because of the members of the TrackMania and ManiaPlanet community that keep this game thriving.

Community members like forum moderator and passionate track creator, eyebo, has been a TrackMania-c since 2006. Another ManiaPlanet moderator, tcq, has been highly involved in competitions since 2004. Mikey, a passionate community member has hosted a very popular server called Madhouse for years.  Xymph and Slig have done amazing things for Dedimania. Peteypablo7 has been an extremely passionate leader on TrackMania Exchange. These community members and thousands of others have been built into the fabric of the TrackMania family.

Thank you all from the bottom of our fuel injected hearts. We hope you join us for the next 10 years.

There’s A New TrackMania²: Stadium ESWC World Champion

eswc tm2


We have a new TrackMania²: Stadium ESWC World Champion and his name is Carl Jr!

In an amazing World Final at the ESWC, we saw a very tight race between some very talented TrackMania² players out there. Carl Jr, Tala, Koenz, and Bergie faced off and Carl Jr was able to pull out a dominating win over the field.

tm eswc

On his birthday, Tala takes the second place spot in the world championship. Rounding up the third place is Koenz who was competing in his very first international competition.

Bergie came in fourth, which may have been a surprise to some since he is a very talented player. But the day belonged to Carl Jr and to Canada.

Carl Jr takes home the first place prize of $4000 and crowned ESWC World Champion in TrackMania²: Stadium. Congratulations to him and congratulations to everyone who competed. Keep Racing!

For more on the race and the Nadeo conference that took place before the competition, head over to our forums.

ESWC TrackMania² Tournament Day 2: Semifinals Results

eswc trackmania


What a day! Competition is here and it is fuel injected esports at ESWC with TrackMania²: Stadium.

We had a full day of exciting trials and for the full breakdown of the ESWC TrackMania² bracket, check out the ESWC TrackMania page.

Moving on in the winners bracket is a high powered group of competitors. Carl Jr, Tween, Tala, and the French ESWC TrackMania² champion, Yoyo all make it past the semifinal rounds and into the finals. They will face off in a match that you will NOT want to miss on Friday, November 1st at 12:00PM CET.


The rounds of the losers bracket will take place tomorrow and will give fallen competitors a chance to get another foothold into the competition. Keep racing!


ESWC TrackMania² Day 1: French Final

eswc trackmania


Paris Games Week has started off in style with ESWC eSports and the TrackMania² French Final.

Top teams were present and four players were there in the final round to take the prize of being crowned a champion of TrackMania² in France. Taking the 1st place spot is Yoyo representing team 3DMax Gaming. A big congrats to him and his team.

Trackmania ESWC

Photo Credit: @esworldcup

Taking second is Carl representing Team-LDLC, third place went to Zo0M, and fourth place went to Kronos. Congratulations to all who participated and we hope they continue their success in the future.

The updated bracket will be posted on the ESWC TrackMania² official page.

Full Schedule Of The ESWC ShootMania Tournament


Competition is upon us friends! The ESWC kicks off this week in Paris and we are preparing for intense ShootMania and TrackMania tournaments.

For the full schedule and group breakdown, visit the ESWC ShootMania Page.

You will be able to catch the LiveStream on the ESWC stream page.

Here are the teams entering into ESWC ShootMania with their groups:

shootmania eswc

With $15,000 USD on the line, we can only expect the teams to bring their A-Game. Here is the schedule for the ESWC ShootMania Elite Tournament:

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10th Anniversary Track Creation Contest – Official Rules


Download: <Official Rules

Contest Rules

  1. Entries must be created specifically for this event. Tracks created or published prior to official announcement on October 23rd are not allowed.
  2. Players may only submit one entry, and may not edit their entry once it has been submitted. Make it Count!
  3. Players may only submit their entry to one of the acceptable submission sites Mania-Exchange or Steam. If a player uploads their submission multiple times, they may be disqualified
  4. Tracks must adhere to all “Track Creation” Rules.

Track Creation Rules

  1. Players may only use TrackMania2 Stadium.
  2. The track should begin [first 10-15 seconds] as a “press forward” map that leads into a jump.
  3. Tracks should incorporate a “10th Anniversary” theme, and must use a [10th] tag in their title to make them easier to identify. Additionally:
    1. Intro: A 3-5 second intro is encouraged, but not required. Please keep them short.
    2. In-Game: Yes, but please try and limit them.
    3. Outro: Yes
    4. Custom Signs: None
    5. Custom Graphics: None
    6. Custom Music: None
    7. Mods: None
    8. Copper Limit: Please try to not exceed 5000.
    9. Track Level: Beginner
    10. Track Length: 40-50 Seconds
    11. Players should be able to complete the track in one attempt. No section should require “perfection” in driving or speed.
    12. Players must be able to respawn.
    13. A “Gold” run should be an attempt that has few errors.

Contest Dates

  • October 23rd: Official Announcement
  • November 24th: Submission Deadline for Tracks. All submissions will be accepted.
  • November 29th: 20 Semi-Finalists Announced, Community Voting Starts.
  • December 6th: Deadline for Community Voting, Finalists Announced
  • December 14th: 10th Anniversary LAN Event, Car Contest Results [Top 3]

Contest Prizing

  • The Finalists will be promoted during the 10th LANniversary event and will be promoted for download via the ManiaPlanet channels.
  • The [3] Winners will have their track made available for free download on the ManiaPlanet Official Store and the creator will receive a ManiaPlanet Collector’s Pack [TrackMania2 Canyon, Valley, Stadium, and ShootMania Storm] including a commemorative lithograph signed by the developers.
  • Additionally, the creator of the overall [1] Grand Prize Winner will receive a custom puzzle of their entry.

Contest Judging:

  • Nadeo will make an initial selection of 20 Semi-Finalists from all the valid submitted entries.
  • The community will vote for their 5 favorites between November 29th and December 6th based on the initial selection by Nadeo.
  • The Grand Jury will take the Top 5 Finalists as determined by the community vote, and chose three Winners, including one Grand Prize Winner, based on an established rubric.
  • Nadeo reserves the right to add up to three additional choices to the list of Finalists, for a grand total of 8 Finalists.