A big thanks to Multiplay Gameservers!

Hello everyone,

As you may notice, there are a lot of Ubisoft servers since the opening of the ShootMania Open Beta. These are thanks to Multiplay Gameservers who are one of the leading game server providers in the world and were kind enough to provide us enough servers to allow players to play to the game without delay.multiplay_logo_white_blog

If you have enjoyed your time playing on the Ubisoft servers, know that Multiplay Gameservers offers servers to rent for a very competitive price on their website for ShootMania Storm and TrackMania² Stadium servers.

It’s the easiest and fatest way to get a server for playing with your friends and/or your team and tailored for your needs (install a community game mode, use specific rules, etc.).

Have fun and see you soon on ManiaPlanet!