A FAQ about the Beta (updated)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we have sent out the first wave of invitations for the ShootMania Storm Beta. Of course some of you have several questions about the Beta so we made a FAQ about it:

I registered for the Beta on the official site but didn’t receive my key. Why have other people received their key?

That’s normal, we sent the invites chronologically from the time players registered for the Beta. Several waves of invitations will be sent through the coming days/weeks.

Apparently I received a key valid for only 7 days. Does this mean the beta last 7 days and that the game will release after? Am I able to extend this period?

The key that you’ve received is valid for 7 days from the day you use it, you have until 31th July to use it or it will be deactivated. The Beta will last more than 7 days but we wish that every player registered to the Beta have the opportunity to test ShootMania Storm.

A way to extend your beta period will be announced soon.

The key has an expiration date?

You can use your key until the 31th July.

Where can I download ShootMania Storm?

A unique download link will be sent to you by GamesPlanet, use the promotional code given to you by email on the website:


I can’t buy the game/beta access on the GamesPlanet shop.

It’s not possible to buy ShootMania Storm yet. The price is only here for informative purposes.

My Alpha login doesn’t work with the Beta!

For the Alpha we used a masterserver different from the one use for the regular ManiaPlanet players (playing on TrackMania² Canyon). With the launch of the Beta we have decided to bring the TrackMania and ShootMania players together and to use the regular masterserver.

If you don’t have a ManiaPlanet account, please create a new one to be able to play (which will be used for all the ManiaPlanet titles).

I don’t have access to the ShootMania Storm or the Titles Pack Joust, Elite & Heroes!

If you have a TrackMania² Canyon account, you only need to add the key through the Player Page: http://player.maniaplanet.com (“Account” -> “Player keys”). You’ll have the possibility to load ShootMania Storm in one of your stations at the next launch of ManiaPlanet.

Once you’ve download ShootMania Storm, if the Joust & Elite titles are not present in the titles list, you only need to restart ManiaPlanet to make them appear. Then you can load Joust or/and Elite in a station.

What are the official game modes in ShootMania Storm?

Actually there are 8 officials modes developed by Nadeo for ShootMania Storm:

  • Melee : Free for All, the player has a certain amount of hit to do to win the map

  • Royal : A survival Free for All, where the aim is to be the last man standing at the end of the round. It’s possible to activate a sphere which will shrink the playing field via a pole which is generally located at the center of the map.

  • Battle : It’s a team-based pole capture mode. The goal is to capture the poles of the opponent team or to have the highest capture rate at the end of the timer to win a round.
  • BattleWaves : Variant of the Battle mode. From the moment where a player starts to capture a pole, a timer of 15 seconds begins for the offender team. The poles can be captured during the time. At the contrary, if the team in defense succed to push back the offender during the 15 seconds they can capture the pole of the opponent team.

  • Time Attack : The goal is to arrive to a pole located somewhere in the map by passing all the checkpoints as quickly as possible. The player with the best time at the end of the time period wins the map.

  • Elite : a 3 vs 3 mode. On the field there is an offender equipped with a laser gun (can eliminate an opponent in one hit) with 3 armor points, must survive 45 seconds against 3 defenders equipped with rocket launchers (one armor damage per rocket). Once the time expires, he has 15 seconds to capture the pole or eliminate the 3 defenders (he can also do it the 45 first seconds) to win the round.

  • Heroes : a 5 vs 5 mode. The offender team is composed of 4 players with the laser and one with the Nucleus. They have all one armor point. The goal of the offender team is to capture one of the poles presents on the map before the end of the 15 seconds after the first 45 seconds (as Elite), but only the player with the Nucleus is able to do this. Important note: the Nucleus still must capture one of the pole even if all the defenders players are eliminated. The goal of the defender team is to eleminate the player with the Nucleus. The first team with 10 winning rounds wins the map (by defender).
  • Joust : 1 v 1 mode. Players have limited ammunitions. They have to touch one of the poles present in the map to reload their weapons. To win a round, a player must hit his opponent a certain amount of time.

Yet several game modes have already be created by the community!

What’s a station?

A station is the place where you can load a Title (like Joust, Elite and/or Heroes) but can be many things like a graphic mod, a campaign (collection of maps), a minigame created with the ManiaScript and more.

You can unload a station by pressing the “Del” key on a station but note that you can’t unload a major station like TrackMania² Canyon and ShootMania Storm. The working is like a DVD drive 🙂

Do i have to paid to get Joust, Elite and Heroes modes?

These modes are delivered for free with ShootMania Storm. Once you have access to ShootMania Storm, you’ll find the Titles in the carrousel (by pressing the “Page Up” key in ManiaPlanet, you’ll maybe have to restart ManiaPlanet to display them if you have registered a ShootMania Storm key ingame).

How can I create a dedicated server for ShootMania Storm (or TrackMania² Canyon) ?

Everything is explained on this page. The files of the dedicated server are located in this forum.

You’re now prepared to join us and have fun!

Feel free to talk about it on the forums 😉