Monthly Archives: February 2012

A new driver appears on TrackMania² Canyon

You heard a freaking yell far away while running a race against a challenger when you saw something coming to you right behind… it’s not a car, it’s not a plane, it has two long ears apparently… oh my… it’s a rabbit on a cart!

BWAAAH yes, the Raving Rabbids are coming to TrackMania² Canyon for your biggest fun. For this special occasion check the video introducing this awesome car:

Want to drive it? Download it for free from our brand new ingame store via the ManiaLink “ManiaPlanet-Store” or directly with this link.

After downloading it, go on your profile,  select “Vehicules” option and activate this new car (please make sure you have your validation code with you. If you have forgotten your validation key, please check out this link to generate a new one).

Talk about it on the forum.

We hope you enjoy racing with the Rabbids, have fun!


Visit our ManiaPlanet Store ingame!

Hello fellow ManiaPlanet users,

We are excited to present our new ingame store called “ManiaPlanet Store“. You’ll find in this store contents created by us: cars, skins (like the German and French ones), possibly horns, tracks and other stuff for ManiaPlanet titles. To celebrate this opening, we deliver you a crazy gift along the German and French cars.

Please visit the ManiaLink “maniaplanet-store” to enjoy this new addition to ManiaPlanet ecosystem and don’t worry, more contents will come all the year (and a new one arrive very soon).

Talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!

Cocorico ! Cock-a-doodle-do

As promised last month, it’s now time for the French to get their own signature car. Thank you for being the second biggest community on TrackMania² Canyon!

You’ll find on the manialink “february-car” this awesome car gifted with a stickers pack composed of two French flags, a cockerel, a French cockade, a street plate to customize, a red space invader  and few typical french decoration items. You’ll also find the february calendar  featuring the French car.

But remember that for the next month, we are not absolutely sure who will win the pack between English and Americans players! So let the race continue and may the best racers win!

Don’t hesitate to talk about it on the forum.

Have fun!