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Do some Platform on ShootMania!

With the recent release of Maniaplanet 3 and the Universal Demo, you can now easily download and play for free to a great diversity of experiences.

For both Trackmania 2 and Shootmania, creators or players can easily share a setup to any player to install their favorite title. These titles can include new or customized maps, weapons, effects, moods, sounds, textures, gamemodes, map editor tools, ladder, replay editing, rankings etc.

And to showcase some of these new features, we are releasing a sample gamemode for Shootmania, called Platform. Platform, still in beta, is a mode where you must gather all the fuel and gold as quickly as possible by using your dexterity and skill to get the highest score. It has been designed to get you familiar with the various moves of Shootmania Storm in a simple solo experience before going online for battles on other titles of the same Universal Demo.


The simple mode will stay fully free for the summer and can be downloaded from http://maniaplanet.com/shootmania/platform

For Steam users, you can access it by installing the Shootmania demo: http://store.steampowered.com/app/229870/

In addition, we are releasing the source of this Title Pack, in that way you’ll be able to understand how structure your own Pack or if you want only to grab some code or assets of it. Please go to the forum to download the sources and feel free to ask questions about the pack: http://maniapla.net/smplatformbetaforum


The King of the Ultimate Nightmare

We are happy to announce that the King of the Ultimate Nightmare is already known. Two hours after the beginning of the challenge, the King came, saw and he conquered. His nickname is Sirc, an active member of the TrackMania² Canyon community.He is the first player who managed to complete the last track, Ultimate Nightmare, without any respawn.

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Congratulations to the king!