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Suivi en direct de l’ESWC

Shootmania Storm Elite

Stream anglais communautaire par “RainbowSprinkles” :

Stream allemand communautaire par “Verdi” :

Stream néerlandais communautaire par “Chronolink” :

Trackmania² Stadium

ESWC | Scène 2 Live en Français par ESWC

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En route vers la Gamers Assembly

De Paris à Poitiers !

Après la présence de Trackmania & Shootmania à la Coupe du Monde des Jeux Vidéo se déroulant au Parc des Expositions de Paris, Nadeo annonce plusieurs tournois à la Gamers Assembly de Poitiers en Avril 2015 et plusieurs tournois en ligne d’ici là sur la plateforme renommée de compétition de l’ESL.

La Gamers Assembly se trouve au coeur du esport en France, et il est un lieu privilégié pour la communauté des joueurs de Trackmania & Shootmania de s’y retrouver. Seul jeu de course et FPS avec le plus grand nombre d’équipes, l’édition 2014 était déjà l’occasion d’y retrouver de très nombreux joueurs autour de compétitions de grandes qualités et dans une très bonne ambiance. Avec sept tournois prévus cette année, Nadeo espère que les joueurs trouveront une expérience compétitive et humaine encore plus forte.

Pour cela, nous lançons l’opération “Road to Gamers Assembly

  •  Dès maintenant, un accès gratuit total au multijoueur de Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm jusqu’à la Gamers Assembly.
  • Des tournois en ligne primés sur l’ESL Go4 pour Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm Elite
  • Des tournois en LAN primés à la Gamers Assembly sur au moins 7 titres de Maniaplanet

Tournois en ligne sur l’ESL avant la Gamers Assembly

  • Go4 sur Trackmania² Stadium en décembre, janvier & février
  • Go4 sur Shootmania Storm Elite en décembre, janvier & février

Tournois en LAN à la Gamers Assembly

  • Trackmania² Stadium 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Trackmania² Canyon 1vs1vs1vs1 & Trackmania² Valley 1vs1vs1vs1 (un par jour)
  • Trackmania² Stadium Dirt 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Shootmania Elite 3vs3
  • Shootmania Battle 5vs5 & Siege 5vs5 (un par jour)
  • Et d’autres suivant l’évaluation de d’autres demandes potentielles de la communauté.

Pour récupérer les démos, les joueurs peuvent se rendre directement sur les sites et

Pour jouer gratuitement en ligne sur Steam, il suffit simplement de télécharger les démos à ces adresses:

Et que les meilleurs gamers gagnent!

Road to Gamers Assembly

From Paris to Poitiers!

After the presence of Trackmania & Shootmania at the Electronic Sports World Cup occuring at the Parc des Expositions of Paris, Nadeo announce several tournaments at the Gamers Assembly of Poitiers in April 2015 and several online tournaments by then on the famed competition plateform of the ESL.

The Gamers Assembly is at the heart of the esport in France, and is a privileged place for the Trackmania & Shootmania community to meet. Only racing game and FPS with the most number of teams, the 2014 edition has been the occasion to meet a lot of players around very high quality tournaments in a very good ambiance. With seven tournaments planned this year, Nadeo hope that the players will find a competitive and human experience stronger than before.

That’s why Nadeo launch the operation “Road to Gamers Assembly

  • From now, a free unlimited access to the Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm multiplayer until the Gamers Assembly
  • Prized online tournaments on ESL Go4 for Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm Elite
  • Prized LAN tournaments at the Gamers Assembly on at least 7 Maniaplanet titles

Online tournaments on ESL before the Gamers Assembly

  • Go4 on Trackmania² Stadium in December, January & February
  • Go4 on Shootmania Storm Elite in December, January & February

LAN tournaments at the Gamers Assembly

  • Trackmania² Stadium 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Trackmania² Canyon 1vs1vs1vs1 & Trackmania² Valley 1vs1vs1vs1 (one per day)
  • Trackmania² Stadium Dirt 1vs1vs1vs1
  • Shootmania Elite 3vs3
  • Shootmania Battle 5vs5 & Siege 5vs5 (one per day)
  • And more following the evaluation of others potential requests of the community

To get the demos, the players can go directly on the websites and

To get the free multiplayer access on Steam, simply install the demos on these address:

May the best gamers win!

Feel free to discut about it on the forums!

Do some Platform on ShootMania!

With the recent release of Maniaplanet 3 and the Universal Demo, you can now easily download and play for free to a great diversity of experiences.

For both Trackmania 2 and Shootmania, creators or players can easily share a setup to any player to install their favorite title. These titles can include new or customized maps, weapons, effects, moods, sounds, textures, gamemodes, map editor tools, ladder, replay editing, rankings etc.

And to showcase some of these new features, we are releasing a sample gamemode for Shootmania, called Platform. Platform, still in beta, is a mode where you must gather all the fuel and gold as quickly as possible by using your dexterity and skill to get the highest score. It has been designed to get you familiar with the various moves of Shootmania Storm in a simple solo experience before going online for battles on other titles of the same Universal Demo.


The simple mode will stay fully free for the summer and can be downloaded from

For Steam users, you can access it by installing the Shootmania demo:

In addition, we are releasing the source of this Title Pack, in that way you’ll be able to understand how structure your own Pack or if you want only to grab some code or assets of it. Please go to the forum to download the sources and feel free to ask questions about the pack:


The ShootMania Storm Universal Demo is released!

We’re happy to tell you that now it’s possible to play to ShootMania Storm for free from today with the Universal Demo!

We want that as many players as possible enjoy the ShootMania and the Maniaplanet experience at their best level. Which means that now you have access to the following features:

  • 3 multiplayer ranked modes: Battle, Elite & Siege

  • Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)

  • Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)

  • Custom Titles: solo & multiplayer innovative modes

Several improvements have been made to ShootMania the last months like a better netcode, many tweaks of gameplay, new blocks. It’s also possible now to embed 3D objects in the maps of any title!(1)

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise. Download the setup on

While you can play for free, you have also the possibility to buy, through Uplay, the ShootMania website or Steam, ShootMania Storm to unlock several features such as:

  • Unlimited play

  • Allow you to customize your nickname, horn and your character (both skins and 3D models)

Have fun and see you soon on the servers!


(1) Following several limitations.

Maniaplanet 3 is available to everyone!

After 9 months (almost 10) of work, we are happy to tell you that the biggest update ever on Maniaplanet is finally out! A lot of things have been cooked and we’re now ready to give you most of them right now! Please note that this Maniaplanet 3 update is an early-release and all the content planned for this update will be fully released by end of June. Let’s see the major changes:

  • Maniaplanet as a better game operating system
    • Improved user interface for news, buddies & servers browser
    • A central store to easily explore & play user made titles
    • Improved support for custom data like 3D objects
    • Optimizations: CPU, GPU, loading times
  • Maniaplanet to allow more diversity for:
    • Modes: Thanks to many features for the script
    • Actions: thanks to a dedicated tool, the ActionMaker, including weapons fabrication AM_CustomProjectileTrail
    • Maps: Thanks to the ability to remove constraints from the editor (mix-mapping) MP3_mixmapping
    • Atmospheres: Thanks to mods or real time ambiance track
  • TrackMania upgrades
    • Multi-environments possible and a TrackMania 2 title with all modes (Canyon + Stadium + Valley)
    • Car-mixing possible in multi-environments title: select any TM² car in Canyon or Valley
    • Scripted mode all redone to open to even more custom modes
    • Solo: add ghost & medals to custom campaigns
  • Shootmania upgrades
    • Netcode: major improvement thanks to an innovative netvision layer
    • Gameplay: new freelook key (space key), progressive walljumps, more stamina, etc…
    • Many more gameplay blocks: teleport, force field & gates, slides, sound blocker, etc… SM_gameplay_blocks
    • Many more visual blocks: for bunkers, fences, woods, stones, walls, signs, etc…

And it’s just a part of what’s coming for Maniaplanet today, to read the full changelog, please  go to the forum. We want also to thank all the beta-testers for their great work, you’re awesome!

Stay tuned for more surprises in the coming weeks 😉

As bonus, here is some screenshots by the Community about the Maniaplanet 3 update:

ESL: Onfire Elite jeudi 13 février à 20 h 00


Jeudi 13 février à 20H – Onfire Elite Cup #6

ESL présente la sixième édition de la Onfire Cup Élite à partir du jeudi 13 Février à 20h.
– Check-in de 19h30 à 19h45 ! (Si vous ne faites pas le check-in vous aurez la possibilité de vous réinscrire rapidement mais seulement jusqu’à 20h).
– Un Teamspeak est à disposition en cas de problème (
– Informations :
-Stream :

Maniaplanet Update #3: Information


Hylis, the Nadeo CEO, has given information about the Maniaplanet Update # 3 on the maniaplanet forums.

The schedule would be the following one:

  • In March, one update based on making the existing game & system more solid, quick fixes updates after and starting the beta for the Action maker.
  • In April, for the first anniversary of Shootmania, release the universal demo maniaplanet.

The update content should be the following one:

  • most popular titles listed & simply downloadable
  • a better navigation interface (quick overlays on all station & calling the stations menu from anywhere)
  • improved Maniaplanet UI (buddies, loading time, quit/minimize shortcuts)
  • mixmapping & new blocs for Shootmania
  • action maker & improved AI capacities
  • NetVision, a layer over the netcode to have maximum speed of vision of other players in Shootmania
  • a small innovation into Shootmania gameplay that can ask some more skill to master
  • a simple new mode for TM2, made for the only multi-environment title that will support Maniaplanet 3 atm.
  • more capacities for items (lights, checkpoints)
  • more capacities for scripting (playsound, minimaps, optimizations)
  • universal demo (basically play 1 hour of SM per day for free or 3×20 mn of TM2, but that may change over time)

The goal is really to empower the players and to open the access to Maniaplanet to increase the number of players.

You can read the full message of Hylis on the maniaplanet forums and share your feedbacks on the forums.

Watch The ESL ShootMania Elite Winter Cup #4 And Win Swag



Greetings Maniacs!

On Sunday, 26 January, 2014 at 6PM CET (Paris) / 12PM EST (New York), we will be hosting the stream of the ESL Winter Cup Series #4 for ShootMania Elite on the ManiaPlanet TwitchTV Channel. You will not want to miss this because we will be giving away a ShootMania game code, and a piece of ShootMania swag.

Instructions to enter for a chance win these prizes will be announced during the stream, so you need to be watching! Be sure to follow the ManiaPlanet TwitchTV Channel so you know when we go live.

For more information on the ESL Winter Cup and other ESL tournaments, visit the ESL ShootMania site.

Elite maps of the week #8

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the new rotation of the Maps of the Week but first let see the result of the last week:

  • Factory, 79% positive votes
  • Babel, 77% positive votes
  • BreakTheWallsDown, 57% positive votes

Factory will stay on the lobby for two more weeks.

Three new maps are available:

  • Ancients by Snake55wildcat
  • Reaction by MrA
  • TheClash by Ze-Rax

To test and vote for them, join the europe lobby, or the north america one.

Feel free to submit your map(s) on ManiaExchange if you want to have a chance to be featured on the lobby!

To test and vote for them, join the europe lobby, or the north america one.

Feel free to submit your map(s) on ManiaExchange if you want to have a chance to be featured on the lobby!