Special TrackMania 10th Anniversary Car Models For Canyon, Stadium, & Valley

Greetings Maniacs!

Today we are excited to announce that we are releasing three new car models specially designed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TrackMania. There is a new car model for TrackMania² Canyon, Stadium, and Valley that can be downloaded right now!

To download the new cars, go to the “Maniaplanet-Store” manialink and select the environment related to model that you want. This link will only work if you have ManiaPlanet installed. Once in the store, go to the environment of your choice and download the car. Please note, you need a paid version of the TrackMania environment to be able to use these skins.

Below, you’ll find the images of the new models and with a video celebrating the 10th Anniversary of TrackMania!

Hammer – TrackMania² Canyon

social_assets_anniversary_cars-canyonArrow – TrackMania² Stadium


Aspire – TrackMania² Valley


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMiEusFLNNg]